/Thinking on the bright side, they have the draft rights for next season in their own hands, and they can compete for the No. 1 pick.
The words are divided into two parts.
Over there, the NBA regular season continues as usual. Over here, Scarlett’s body is recovering well, and the two of them are starting to prepare for pregnancy again.
And unlike last time, this time they were preparing for pregnancy in a planned way.
One thing that must be mentioned here is the 2008 Olympic Games.
An important goal Sun Hao set at the beginning was to win the cup at home.
That goal, to put it more directly, is the Beijing Olympics.
Although he had led his team to achieve the goal of winning the Olympics in Athens before, the championship at home was obviously different.
So no matter what the reason is, and whether he is playing professionally or not, he will definitely participate in this game.
This also directly affected Sun Hao’s pregnancy preparation.
Preparing for pregnancy after the Beijing Olympics is the best choice.
But doing that would mean that his comeback is likely to be delayed until 2010.
Three seasons away from the NBA is a bit long for Sun Hao.
Sun Hao can accept it, but Scarlett can’t accept it either.
Finally, at Scarlett’s request, they chose February or March this year to prepare for pregnancy.
This is why they said they were more prepared this time.
Because they fully understand pregnancy knowledge.
The most dangerous time for pregnancy is the first four months of pregnancy, which is the first 16 weeks.
This is the stage of fetal formation, and if protection is not taken, miscarriage can easily occur.
Although they paid attention to it later, it was too late.
Then there is the danger in the last three months, because at that time the fetus is close to birth, and it is prone to a series of risks such as umbilical cord entanglement, insufficient amniotic fluid, and even premature birth.
So cutting it from beginning to end, the three months in between are the safest.
So if we calculate the time, if we can successfully prepare for pregnancy at this time, Sun Hao can compete in this year’s Olympic Games.
This is also what Scarlett strongly advocates.
She really wanted to have a child, but she didn’t want Sun Hao to really leave the court because of the child.
This time they were fully prepared and the plan went smoothly.
In mid-February, during the NBA All-Star Weekend, they successfully conceived their child.
Because they were so confident, they officially announced the news on social media after they were pregnant.
At this moment, the eyes of fans who were originally paying attention to the NBA were suddenly attracted.
Paper could not contain the fire. Although Garnett lay idle all summer, the real reason for Sun Hao’s retirement was still known.
After knowing this, most fans understood and supported Sun Hao’s decision.
/How could a man who loves his family not be liked?
Many NBA stars expressed their congratulations on social media.
This child Sun