ls.” , the credit card balance is 10%. Although it is a little less, it is a real job, a serious job, something you can do every day, not a one-time deal.” “

ls.” , the credit card balance is 10%. Although it is a little less, it is a real job, a serious job, something you can do every day, not a one-time deal.” ”
Brother, what are you going to do?” Daming couldn’t help it anymore and grabbed the phone. ask.
“Simple, go through the formalities first, and then get training after the formalities. After the training, I will give you a phone bill. One person will be responsible for about a thousand households first, and then run from house to house. I did the math, and the urban area is not big. A list Finish the job within 20 days. Wear a work ID from China Telecom when calling for phone bills, and wear a work ID from the bank when calling for credit card debts. Talk to them nicely, don’t say harsh words, and don’t do anything.”
“What if they don’t give me anything?”
“Don’t give me more.” After making a few trips, if there is really no other way, give up and let the banks and telecommunications go to court with them. I have calculated it for you. If you work hard, you can earn two to three thousand a month. Just think of yourself as a water and electricity meter reader. Pay the money honestly, get a salary, feel at ease, don’t make trouble with others, let alone fight.”
How much money does it cost to work as a security guard for a month is hard to hear.
It’s great to do this. The little brothers were very happy. One by one, they said they would resign immediately and report to the company early tomorrow morning.
After hanging up the phone, seeing Yang Zhi giving money, Li Gu quickly walked over and stuffed the money back into his pocket: “Brother, let me take the money. My brother comes out, and it’s my idea how to arrange it. You don’t know me, There’s no need to be so polite, you can do whatever you want when you get acquainted with me in the future.”
Brother has principles!
When his brother comes out tomorrow, he will do everything by himself, no matter how big or small, and will not let others handle it or pay for it. Brother Yang Zhi and Yang Hui are so impressed.
“Brother, we will go with you tomorrow. We will drive there and bring Brother Biao back in Fengfengguangguang.”
“Let us go together. Anyway, we are fine.” If
/you don’t go, who will prove that “Ren Dasha” is a person who has been released from prison? , the reason why I won’t let you go is to play hard to get. In fact, not only are you going, but several more people are also going to go.
Li Guqiang held back his laughter and weighed it up before taking the handbag from the waiter: “Okay, since you insist on going, go together. I found a car. There are three cars in total including yours. You can call for more.” Let’s have a lot of fun together.”
There were not many opportunities to show off in front of his eldest brother, so Yang Zhi blurted out: “My dad is on a business trip. I will drive there in my dad’s car tomorrow. It will be such a beautiful ride. Brother Biao will definitely be happy to see it.”
/The location of the prison It was a remote location in the countrysid