mentary school. At the age of 17, he was admitted to Donghai Foreign Languages ??Institute and became the top grader in the entire elementary school.

mentary school. At the age of 17, he was admitted to Donghai Foreign Languages ??Institute and became the top grader in the entire elementary school.
Han Bo held his chin, looked at her baby face with a smile, and joked: “Jingjing, you are proficient in English, Japanese, French and Spanish. You don’t need to hire a tour guide when you go abroad. What kind of university doesn’t take the exam, but you take the exam at the Institute of Foreign Languages? Aren’t you going to bully the teacher?”
Hou Jingjing clicked on the keyboard a few times, picked up the mouse and clicked, looked up and said with a smile: “Uncle Han, you were fooled by my father. He knows some Japanese, French and Spanish. I only know a little bit of the language, so I can only communicate with others. He taught me my foreign language, so how much better can my foreign language skills be? No matter how good it is, can it be better to have a foreign teacher?”
“At least better than me.”
/Han Bo read Looking at the time, he stood up and said, “Come on, stop playing, call your mother, and go downstairs to eat.”
Many people used weekends to see the doctor, and the doctor was on holiday, so he was even busier than usual. People lined up in the hall to register, negotiate prices, and get medicine. There were more people than usual.
Su Haibing, Zhang Peigang and Tian Kewei parked their two motorcycles, looked around as if nothing had happened, and pretended to be listless, squatting at the door of the hall where they had a better view. One walked into the lobby, and the other walked toward the south side of the internal medicine building.
Plainclothes policemen are the most dignified in the eyes of many people who admire the police. They are similar to the CID in Hong Kong movies.
In fact, the plainclothes brigade is the most difficult and tiring unit of the criminal investigation detachment, and it does not investigate any major cases.
A total of nine people including team leader Su Haibing, working in groups of three, ride motorcycles on the streets every day to patrol, focusing on unattended areas such as stores along the streets, community gates, and shopping malls, where thieves can easily attack and vehicles can be easily lost.
In the past half month, there have been three cases of theft of patients’ medical bills and four cases of theft of patients’ bicycles at the People’s Hospital.
Losing a bicycle is a small matter, but having medical bills stolen is a big deal.
The thief’s eyes and demeanor are different. When walking, he does not look forward, but looks left and right, focusing on pedestrians’ bags or unattended bicycles and motorcycles on the roadside. Su Haibing has been a police officer for more than ten years and can recognize thieves at a glance. But after walking around the hall, I found nothing just like yesterday.
Walked out of the hall and squatted on the steps with Zhang Peigang. Just as he took out his cigarette, Zhang Peigang suddenly said: “Su University, parking lot.”
In broad daylight, thieves generally don