end, there is still a shadow of me in your heart.

end, there is still a shadow of me in your heart.
How can I have the courage and qualifications to try and let you make a choice now? All I can rely on is that this is just a game.
Yes, this is just a game.
Xu Yao thought about their first meeting on the playground, the reunion on the bus, the gentle struggling back under the knife light, and the heart-wrenching song “Ten Years” by the Linzhuang Reservoir. From fighting side by side on the basketball court, to the sweet singing of Dandelion Mile, to the ginkgo forest with colorful fallen leaves, I have never had such a happy night.
But, I am Xu Yao, yes, I like you, but I still have my pride.
I don’t mind how many girls like you, and I don’t mind how many girls you like. I just care whether I am as important in your mind as you are in mine!
Besides, this is just a game.
/Ning Xiaoning lowered her head, she didn’t know what it felt like to like someone. But she knew that falling in love with Xu Yao after Wen Liang was the most dazzling period of her life. She had experiences, stories, indelible memories, and tossing and turning nights. Her heart beats for a boy, she loses sleep for a boy, she smiles stupidly for a boy, and even cries without dignity for a boy.
Is this a girl’s first love?
The sky was just right and the water was rippling. Suddenly, Ning Xiaoning felt envious of Xu Yao and Ji Su. No matter what, at least at their most thought-provoking age, they met a person who, although not perfect, was very interesting and interesting!
Well, no matter who you choose, you will always be the most important friend in my life besides Xu Yao!
This is just a game after all.
When Wen Liang suggested playing the game, he never expected that there would be a situation like this. Although he was a little bit amused and didn’t take it seriously, he could understand the girls’ worries about gains and losses. They have no additional intention, they want to take this opportunity to attack another person, etc. This is a unique skill that can only be possessed by the fair-skinned girls who have experienced many battles in the workplace and society in the 21st century. Girls at this time can only wait anxiously and fearfully, test carefully, and hope that the person they like wholeheartedly can like them wholeheartedly.
Wen Liang has never said a word of love to any girl. As a man of two generations, he hopes to grow up with these elf-like girls and care for them until the day they can spread their wings and fly high. Their world, their vision, and even their hearts will become broader and richer. By then, the girls will have a clear understanding and understanding of life and the future, and that is the moment when they finally decide where to belong.
Now he has many choices. The first is to choose someone to kill, but no matter who he kills, he will hurt a girl’s heart; the second is to commit suicide, but that undoubtedly shows that Ji Su and Xu Yao are equally important in his mind, which is very important to Xu Yao. In fact, it is already a kind of ha