there would be decaying gases inside like whales and explode, so they prodded them with a wooden stick before carefully removing them.

there would be decaying gases inside like whales and explode, so they prodded them with a wooden stick before carefully removing them.
Waves continue to crash on the beach.
Approaching the beach, the water was just above his ankles. Seeing that he kept walking forward, Ava put her hand to her mouth and asked loudly: “Where are you going?”
“Pomegranate purple beach!”
“I went there when you were away. Yes!”
“But I’ve never been there.”
“Well, you know, there is a pink beach on Harbor Island in the Bahamas, and there are green and black beaches in Hawaii. I heard that some of them can even glow!”
Han Xuan Turning around, “I’ve seen a few glowing beaches before. My family has a Pisces Island in the Maldives. I saw the fluorescent beach with my own eyes last year.” “Are you
serious? Oh my god, rich people are so annoying. There are only You guys have privately owned so much beautiful scenery.”
/“Don’t talk nonsense. When I bought Pisces Island, I didn’t know it would shine. When I bought Gumball Sea Ranch, I didn’t know it had this pomegranate gem beach, and Pisces Island is open to the public. Some tourists have settled there.”
“Can I buy a house there? How much does it cost?”
“It’s not buying, it’s renting. It’s nearly two hundred thousand dollars a year. Food and accommodation are included. I’ll give you a 99% discount.
” The baby was stunned when he heard this number, and his breath was stuck in his chest. When he saw Han Xuan’s evil smile, he said bitterly: “It doesn’t matter if you sell me!” ”
Then take good care of those animals. If they agree, I can take you there to play on my next vacation.”
“Don’t underestimate them, they are much smarter than ordinary animals. Hi, sea lions! Come here!”
A group of brown and black meatballs were lying on the rocks on the shore.
When they heard the sound, they all looked towards Han Xuan. They actually moved forward, jumped into the sea one after another, and soon reached the shore.
The male sea lion has coarse brown and black hair on its body, and a mane around its neck. It supports its body with its front paws and slaps its tail on the water. This is their happy movement.
The bodyguards were shocked. California sea lions move in groups. There are more than 20 in this group. The adult male sea lion is more than two meters long and weighs 350 kilograms. The female sea lion is also 1.8 meters and about 100 kilograms. , usually has a temper like a powder keg. He gets irritable when encountering things that don’t go his way, and sometimes attacks people.
“It’s okay Jason, don’t worry. There are so many fish in Monterey Bay. They have been full for a long time. They are not interested in me. Little guy, stop taking pictures. It’s you, come here.”
Seeing Han Xuan waving, a fish The mother of the little sea lion turned her head and pushed the little one who was about half a meter long next to her, and stepped back. The other sea lions also turned around and walked into the sea, as if they were paying tribute.
/The little sea lion