not particularly good, because fast break shots from mid-range are easy to get scolded by the coach in basketball games.

not particularly good, because fast break shots from mid-range are easy to get scolded by the coach in basketball games.
Iverson scored 6 points in a row!
20 to 18!
The Nuggets, overtaken!
At this moment, not only the scene, but also the eye circles of many fans in front of the TV were uncontrollably red.
This was all in 2007, it was no longer the year 2000.
Seven years later, Iverson can still perform like this as a carry.
Ye Qing is back!
The situation is starting to turn towards the Nuggets!
In the Lakers’ frontcourt, Sun Hao continued to run out and prepare to take shots without the ball.
This time he moved faster.
After missing a difficult goal, he is now looking for better opportunities.
/Hill saw the opportunity and passed the ball.
However, the moment he passed the ball, a figure rushed out like lightning and took the ball away!
Iverson, still Iverson!
After seeing this, Sun Hao tried his best to pursue him, but he soon found that he could not catch up.
Iverson’s full sprint speed is too fast!
All that was left in front of him was the No. 3 jersey that rose and fell as he ran, and
the back that was as short as when he first entered the league.
Iverson scored on a fast break layup.
22 to 18.
Instead of falling behind, the Nuggets regained the lead.
The cheers at the scene did not subside for a long time.
Iverson’s performance is so crucial!
Only then did Sun Hao look back.
Although he also went to the Nuggets, the result of Iverson’s encounter with James was much better than Anthony’s.
At least in history, Iverson was swept in the first round every year. But now, he can still shine on the stage of the Western Conference Finals, making many fans recall their youth.
And these scores are indeed very crucial to the Nuggets.
/Without O’Neal’s inside control, this is almost a death sentence for the Lakers.
What’s more, Iverson is in good shape, and his performance cannot be just for this period.
Of course, the most important thing is that because the Nuggets have James and the inside advantage, his scoring does not have to be as difficult as Sun Hao’s, and it is easier to maintain his condition than Sun Hao.
In the second and third quarters of the game, Sun Hao’s touch was average, and the Lakers gradually opened up the score.
In the last quarter, his touch returned and he once again hit consecutive difficult shots, helping the Lakers to chase points frantically.
The score was once close to single digits, but Iverson once again stepped forward and exchanged blows with Sun Hao to help the Nuggets close the game.
In the end, the Lakers lost to the Nuggets 96-105 in an away game, falling behind 1-2.
Sun Hao played 43 minutes and scored 40 points.
For the Nuggets, Iverson scored 36 points, setting a new playoff high for the Nuggets.
After the game, James and Iverson hugged for a long time.
A large number of fans also stood up to pay tribute to Iverson.
For them, this is a long-lost “E-win”.
Sun Hao and Phil Jackson atte