this time that Sun Hao missed two days of the team’s daily training.

this time that Sun Hao missed two days of the team’s daily training.
Scarlett wasn’t feeling very well.
Sun Hao is busy rushing into Dynasty, and Scarlett is also pregnant and preparing for the new sequel of “Saw”.
As a result, my body had adverse reactions due to the busy schedule.
This scared Sun Hao into a cold sweat.
After all, he had no experience in this area, so he directly asked Scarlett to stop the new play.
/After taking care of Scarlett for two days, her health improved, and Sun Hao returned to the team to continue preparing for the game.
Just like the Lakers before, the Wizards and Celtics still had to fight against each other until the end.
Sun Hao and O’Neal sat next to each other, and before the game, the two began to predict which side would win.
The difference from last time is that this time both of them admired the genius.
After all, without the home court advantage, the Celtics don’t have much advantage over the Wizards.
Moreover, McGrady has been holding back a lot of anger in Boston, and he will definitely vent his anger when he returns home.
No matter how you look at it, the Wizards have a better chance of winning.
The two people agree, they are “Wizards fans” tonight.
The game starts soon.
Sure enough, the points Sun Hao and O’Neal discussed before the game were all on the same page.
McGrady went on a rampage at the beginning, and the Celtics simply couldn’t hold it back.
Moreover, Tracy McGrady really defeated the wolf tonight. The Celtics relied on resilience to get the score back several times, and he beat the score back several times,
which directly brought the fans at the scene to climax.
Although the Celtics’ Big Three have outstanding strength and system bonuses, in the final analysis, basketball games still depend on individual abilities.
/This season, Tracy McGrady is on the same level as the mature Kobe and Sun Hao, who has developed difficult abilities. He is naturally half a level ahead of the others.
Otherwise, with Yao Ming’s dominance, McGrady wouldn’t be leading the Wizards this season.
McGrady scored 21 points at halftime. With his outstanding performance, the Wizards led the Celtics by 11 points 46-35.
If we continue playing at this pace, McGrady will most likely score 40+ points and lead his team to win Tianwang Mountain.
“This guy’s physical condition is really good.”
O’Neal couldn’t help but sigh when he saw it.
To be able to make “Big Shark” express such emotion, McGrady’s talent is really too terrifying.
“He knows all the moves I know, and he’s one size bigger than me.”
Kobe’s words are also another evidence.
Coming back from the halftime break, McGrady’s condition remained undiminished, and even double-teams could no longer stop him from scoring.
His pull-out point is too high.
The desperate kind of high.
Rivers tried everyone who could try, but no one could do anything.
In the end, he had no choice but to put Dante Jones on the bench.
One can imagine how desperate Rivers’ inside position is at this moment