ever really thought about it? But a bunch of ignorant rats, still dare to say such nonsense?” “

ever really thought about it? But a bunch of ignorant rats, still dare to say such nonsense?” ”
/Today, I will kill all of you stinky people and see who dares to stop me. Even gods and ghosts, what do I have to fear? I’ll deal with you first. , then Zhao Huaian, and then there are those reckless people who rely on their martial arts to ignore the laws of the court and act recklessly. Humph! At that time, only the Holy One will issue an order banning martial arts, in order to purge the world and restore clarity to the world. As for the I, Yu Huatian, will slowly clean up those bugs on the court. At that time, the Holy Benevolent Emperor can sit back and relax, train his army to strengthen himself, and wait for his troops to be sent out in all directions, and all those who are pointed by the long sword will surrender! And so on How can great achievements be understood by ignorant people like you?”
/Yin Kuang, Li Shuangmu, Wang Ning, and Hong Zhong looked at Yuhuatian and listened to his words, and couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. This Yuhuatian is either a true genius or a complete lunatic. But no matter what, his ambition is indeed exciting and exciting. Judging from the later thoughts of Yin Kuang and others, this Yuhuatian idea undoubtedly stood at the highest point of this era. Because what he sees is the entire country, the entire nation, and the world, not the hatred of one person in the family. He stands at the highest point of this era. But it’s cold at high places. Often this kind of people are also not understood and recognized by others. Instead, they will be pushed into the endless abyss by the limitations of the times, and they will become the public enemies of the entire people. If they succeed, they will be remembered and admired by future generations. What if they fail? No one will remember they ever existed. Even if he remembers it, he is only given a “notorious reputation”. Just because history is always written by those who stand.
However, after sighing, you always have to face what you have to face. Because they are just passers-by in this world. If you take it too seriously, you will really lose. Yin Kuang brushed aside his decreasing energy value. The energy that had been restored to some extent dropped to just under 10 points at this moment. He could no longer use it up. “Damn it, where did this guy Zhao Huaian go?” in his heart. After complaining, he whispered: “I don’t have much time.” Li Shuangmu said: “Same.” Wang Ning shrugged helplessly. Hong Zhong shook his head and sighed.
“Procrastination.” Yu Huatian curled his lips in disgust, “Since you don’t come up and die, I will send you on your way myself.” As he said that, he roared with a ferocious face, and the sound was like the roar of an angry lion, deafening. And Yin Kuang and others suddenly felt as if their chests had been hit by a hammer. By the time they gathered their attention, a white shadow had already approached. Hong Zhong, who was at the front, had his pupils shrink suddenly. Before he could react, a white palm was