the number of installed users, and look at his pale face. Obviously a little nervous.

the number of installed users, and look at his pale face. Obviously a little nervous.
Han Xuan came behind him and stared at the two strings of numbers on the code, both around 800. This was the number of installations by employees within the company, and the computer in front of him also contributed a number.
“Quit first and check out the forum.” Han Xuan moved a stool and sat next to Harris and said.
Harris nodded, entered the Destiny Browser, and searched for the keyword “HOPE Technology”.
Opening one of the most popular private forums recently, a photo of a disk was placed in it, and there was an article at the bottom:
“I just bought the software from Hanxuan Company yesterday. There are two software in total, namely chat software and browser.
The installation is complete. But it cannot be activated until 6 o’clock tonight.
The browser page is very clean, at least better than Netscape’s (see Figure 1 for details). I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t know how effective it is. The
total server data is not disclosed to the outside world . Open, but I heard from Oracle insiders that this database server codenamed ‘Jesus’ is quite powerful! It has a memory of more than 10,000 G!
I can’t wait to try it.
What makes me even more curious is the wow chat software, (picture 2).
/This is it. The login interface is different from all previous products. I tried to click to register a new user, but like the destination browser, it cannot be used yet.
Han Xuan pulled down the web page.
Then someone commented: “Just opened How many months can a company build a search engine? What a joke.
“I don’t believe it either. It can’t be done without technical accumulation. ” ”
“I feel like it would be better for him to just write a book. Stop wasting his family’s money and donate it to us.” ”
“Ha ha! Give me a small change and I’ll be a millionaire too!
“Idiot upstairs, let’s dream! ”
“I also installed it, but only the chat software. I still like Netscape Browser. ” ”
Support Netscape, this is the best I have ever used.”
But because there is no control, the words are more casual, and no one knows anyone anyway.
Han Xuan looked at the end and found that there were already 4,000 taels of this topic posted in the morning. More than a hundred comments showed that there were still many people paying attention to these two softwares of his company.
I flipped through a few pages at random, glanced down, and saw that it was already 6:02 pm.
Let Harris open the statistics page just now.
I found that the column for wow said 16090, and the column for destination said 22134!
My heart skipped a beat!
Previously, the total data server “Jesus” of HOPE Technology Company was closed. Except for leaving a backdoor for Han Xuan, the rest was only the internal information of the company. The computer can be connected, so only more than 800 are displayed.
Now “Jesus” is fully open.
When customers access the Internet and open the software, the information will be fed back to “Jesus” and displayed in real tim