bviously have a sister, but you still go around messing around with women. It’s really bad.”

bviously have a sister, but you still go around messing around with women. It’s really bad.”
Tie Gongji said with a straight face: “Less talk, more action!”
Red Scorpion covered his mouth with a “hehe” smile and said: “Yes, yes, fifth brother.” After saying that, Red Scorpion picked up the orchid with her slender fingers, and a circle of red light appeared on her body. After a while, she opened her eyes and said: “It’s not here. Instead, there was a vague aura coming from the northwest. It belongs to the second brother.”
Tie Gongji said: “Chase!”
As soon as he finished speaking, two streams of light, one red and one colorful, headed towards the northwest.
And somewhere in the northwest, Yin Kuang and others were galloping at full speed. Suddenly, Yin Kuang felt two powerful breaths coming from behind, each breath felt comparable to the giant bear spirit. “It came so quickly.” Yin Kuang sighed secretly. But I feel relieved when I think about it. After all, all the Thirteen Taibao are big monsters who have cultivated for more than 500 years. Except for the weird second Taibao, the others are not easy to get along with.
Two Taibao chased them at the same time. Can they really handle it?
/So, Yin Kuang estimated the distance to “Gaolaozhuang Barbecue Restaurant” and said in the shared consciousness: “The pursuers are coming! Everyone is moving forward at full speed. It only takes one minute to reach the destination!”
At this time, the second eunuch suddenly shouted: “I advise you to let me go quickly. My fifth brother and sixth sister are rushing here and will catch up soon. Let me go now, and I can promise not to embarrass you.” Hong Zhong listened and said: “Shut up! No idiot will believe you. If you keep arguing, I will kill you!” Hong Zhong would say this, which actually showed that he was a little moved. But he is not stupid, he knows that it is now a life-or-death situation. That’s why he vents his tension by yelling.
This is the doubt that most people have at this moment. Although they also fantasize that the two eunuchs behind them are the same idiots as the second eunuch, no one will feel at ease if they place their lives on those baseless fantasies. Moreover, judging from the reactions of Yin Kuang and the Second Taibao, the two pursuers were probably very powerful.
A powerful threat was approaching from behind, and everyone was stimulated by this threat and increased their speed to the maximum. Several people’s flamethrowers began to get hot and smoke.
Suddenly, a strong warning surged in everyone’s heart.
Immediately afterwards, Yin Kuang shouted in the shared consciousness, “Leave it to me! You continue on your way!” After saying this, his body suddenly stopped, turned around, and faced the two eunuchs behind him.
I saw a sudden flash of colorful light in the heavy rain, and then streaks of colored light pierced the sky, split the rain curtain, and shot toward Yin Kuang overwhelmingly.
/Yin Kuang’s eyes were blazing with purple light, and then he stretched out his arms,