into the inventory, but suddenly, his eyes glanced at the middle of the inventory and his brows furrowed involuntarily.

into the inventory, but suddenly, his eyes glanced at the middle of the inventory and his brows furrowed involuntarily.
“The T virus is better.”
Yin Kuang sighed, bent down to pick up the pistol on the ground, looked around, and his face became ugly.
It turned out that the violent explosion just now spread very far, and the flames shot into the sky, which inevitably attracted large groups of zombies. Because the fight between Yin Kuang and Nicholas lasted for a long time, many zombies had already poured into the Raccoon Block at this moment.
Looking around, under the black night, among the jumping stars, there are zombies with crowded heads and swaying bodies. Although they move very slowly, the temptation of fresh meat makes them move very firmly. Some special zombies still trot forward.
From far away, there was a strong stench coming over like a tsunami, making Yin Kuang almost nauseated!
“Damn it! We must escape from here right away. If it’s too late, all the bones and scraps will be eaten by these zombies!” Yin Kuang thought to himself, then took difficult steps and almost limped into a tunnel. In the narrow alley between the buildings, the figure was quickly submerged in shadows.
“Wang Ning, what are you doing!?”
Li Shuangmu pressed her back tightly against the wall, raised her head, but looked down. There was no panic or fear on his face, and it was even as calm as a windless lake.
Why do you have to raise your head?
Because there was a dark dagger against his neck, cold and sharp. Li Shuangmu’s neck had been pierced through the skin, and a drop of blood slid down the blade of the dark dagger without friction and dripped on the ground!
The person holding the dagger was Wang Ning with a calm smile on his face.
/“I don’t want to do anything,” Wang Ning said, “I just want to settle a score with you!”
“Settle a score?!”
“Yes, settle a score!”
“I don’t remember when I owed you anything, even before this You and I don’t know each other at all, how can you settle accounts with me?” Li Shuangmu said calmly, “Moreover, even if there are really any accounts to be settled, would you settle accounts like this?” “If you
stretch out your right hand Now, throw your Desert Eagle on the ground. Maybe, we can sit down and settle the accounts slowly. Of course, I am confident that my ‘Black Horse’ has already penetrated before you fired. It’s your throat.”
Li Shuangmu looked at Wang Ning indifferently, slowly stretched out his right hand, and threw the pistol on the ground, “Is it okay now?”
Wang Ning shrugged, removed the black dagger in his hand, and said, “Morning Doesn’t this save a lot of trouble?”
Li Shuangmu said: “Tell me! What do you want?”
“I want your ‘guide dog Mary’s heart blood’.” Wang Ning looked directly at Li Shuangmu and said: “Besides, just think that I owe you another favor.”
Li Shuangmu took out a handkerchief and covered his neck, glancing at Zeng Fei and Qian Qianqian who were lying on the ground, “What did you do to them?”
/“Ha! When did Young Master Li become so k