ings happen from time to time.

ings happen from time to time.
More than half a month ago, Han Xuan said that he would send a batch of ginseng to sell to himself. Old man Wang actually didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking that he must have confused ginseng and American ginseng. There is little difference in appearance between the two, but the price is very different. .
Han Xuan might get confused, but Old Man Wang wouldn’t.
He has been in business for decades and has built a stable supply. Forty percent of the ginseng in Hong Kong comes from him, and he has seen tens of thousands of ginseng.
What’s more, after Old Barton dug out the ginseng, he didn’t even pick the leaves and brought it to him. It was still green when it arrived in his hands. How could he admit it? He could tell at a glance that it was the real old wild ginseng.
At that time, my jaw dropped. I poured out all the more than 300 ginseng plants in several large boxes and found that the smallest one weighed more than 200 grams. I wondered when wild ginseng would be produced again?
After thinking about it, I felt that something was wrong. At this moment, I said to Han Xuan: “This batch of goods is too much, too much for me to imagine. How can I dare to sell it? If there is something wrong with the food, then my brand will be destroyed. I have asked the University of Hong Kong I have an acquaintance there who I have known since childhood, and the results will be out in the next two days. You said these are just a small batch? If all the goods are released, the market for high-end ginseng will collapse. ”
After the ginseng was grown, the ingredients it contained had not been tested. Han Xuan thought it would be a good idea to test it, but so many “hundred-year-old mountains” suddenly appeared, and no one would believe it.
The scarcity of supply means that high-end ginseng can be sold at sky-high prices. If the quantity is too large, it will become worthless. He continued: “Every time you put one out, you will put another one out after it is sold. The price will inevitably drop. You can sell it a little cheaper.” , Japanese and Korean ginseng consumption is quite large, you can go there and find someone to help sell it.” ”
Well, ordinary ginseng is easy to sell. Usually, it is normal for such high-end products to be sold after three to five years. I have them in my store The Zhulao ginseng had been on sale for ten years and was priced at RMB 2.88 million. Countless people came to inquire about the price, but no one bought it. Later, the ginseng almost became moldy and I was so angry that I simply made chicken soup and ate it.”
Wang The old man found that he was talking too much and had left his cousin-in-law aside. He suddenly realized that he patted his head with his hand and shouted with a smile: “Please come in, please come in. We are about the same age. Looking at your face, you are much younger than me. Some people believe you even if you say you are fifty, haha!”
/Mr. Han was helpless, pointing at Grandma Han Xuan and said: “She sometimes forces me to wear a