Principal Hannis.” Zhang Lisheng smiled and extended his hand.

Principal Hannis.” Zhang Lisheng smiled and extended his hand.
“Goodbye, young man who is rich and loves science. I’m glad you can become a member of Stanford.
Goodbye Margot and Stephen.” Hannis Zhang Lisheng shook hands and slowly walked towards his used Beetle.
Chapter 207: Deflated
Seeing the leader of one of the most famous universities in the world fading away, Zhang Lisheng suddenly felt sincerely that wealth is really a magical thing, especially in a country that pays attention to ‘fair trade’ in society.
While he was thinking about it, he suddenly heard Stephen beside him shouting loudly. “Principal Hannes, I have found such a generous donor for the school, can you get a fixed parking space outside the laboratory building?” ”
Sorry Professor Stephen, money can’t let us get everything we want.
If you want to get a fixed parking space, you must first win the Nobel Prize in Biomedicine.” Hannis waved his hands without looking back, got into his car, and completely ignored Stephen’s next roar, “Hell, That award should have been awarded to me after I successfully conducted the ‘dolphin thalamic human-like anastomosis test’ twenty-five years ago.”
Upon hearing this, Maggot on the side immediately turned pale and lowered his voice and said: ” Stephen, are you crazy? You dared to shout out that damn experiment so loudly in public.
At that time, you secretly dissected the brains of more than a hundred white-tip dolphins without permission. This scandal was enough to You are also ruined now.”
/“It’s because you have so many scruples that you waste your talent and you will never become a great scientist Maggot.” Stephen curled his lips disdainfully at his friend’s warning, “Let’s go, Li.” Student, I will take you to register for admission, and I will ensure that you can get a ‘Doctor of Science’ degree from Stanford in at most three years.”
“Stephen, hell, you can’t instill this into your students before they enroll. Promise…”
“Come on Maggot, this child’s contribution to the development of biology has now been much greater than yours. If you can get a ‘Doctor of Science’ degree, of course he can too.” Stephen Waving his hands disapprovingly, Zhang Lisheng walked away with an embarrassed look on his face.
The two drove for a long time and turned to a new campus. Suddenly, Zhang Lisheng’s eyes were filled with a crowded scene that looked like a crowd during a Sunday supermarket sale.
Stephen parked the car slowly to the side of the road. “Do you still think Stanford’s campus is deserted?”
“It seems I was wrong, Professor,” Zhang Lisheng opened his mouth, “It’s really lively here. I’m afraid we have to queue up until two o’clock in the morning to complete the admission procedures.”
“You Wrong Li Sheng again. The admission procedures for ordinary freshmen can be completed by themselves on any computer within the Stanford University LAN. Most of these children come to choose clubs.” ”
Then what am I doing here? I’m not interested in club activities.” Zhang Lisheng walked out of the car. F