tle Barry?”

tle Barry?”
As soon as he finished speaking, two chubby guys, one big and one small, ran out of the sunflower field and trampled many sunflowers.
The ground was muddy, and the two guys were still rolling and playing on it, making them look like big mud balls. Especially the little one, it was almost impossible to tell that it was a giant panda.
Seeing Chow Chow coming towards him and wanting to rub his legs with his body, Han Xuan avoided it in disgust. Hearing Mel ask what kind of dog it was, he casually replied: “Chow Chow”.
Return to the castle and invite Baptiste. The housekeeper asked the three to take a bath. Han Xuan changed into a pair of clean shoes and walked to the restaurant.
Since the reign of Louis XIV, France’s food diplomacy has been world-famous. During the heyday of French banquets, more than two hundred dishes were placed on the table at a time.
The French are very particular about eating and are willing to spend money. Many European countries follow France when it comes to food. France is the origin of top delicacies such as foie gras and truffles.
Not long after Han Xuan came to the manor, the chef changed his tricks and cooked different famous French dishes for him every day. Later, he would also ask if he liked it and if there was anything he needed to change, so that he could arrange his own personal recipe in the future.
Yesterday’s lunch was cheese and frog legs. Isabelle didn’t eat a bite. Just seeing them made her sick to the point where she thought frogs and toads were the same thing and hated frog legs very much.
Today, there is French baked escargot on the table, accompanied by a plate of mashed potatoes and a bowl of white rice.
I haven’t eaten it yet, but I feel very appetizing just by looking at the beautiful color.
The staple food in France is mainly rice and noodles. Han Xuan likes this. These two staple foods are in line with his eating habits, so he eats well after coming to France.
“The food smells delicious, Mr. Benoit, please excuse me.”
/The chef named Benoit, wearing a black shirt, is less than thirty years old, looks very tough and handsome, and has some beard on his chin , full of character, wearing a white apron around his waist.
“I’ve eaten snails before, and I quite like them. Forget about earthworms, I won’t eat them even if I die.”
Han Xuan heard the voice and looked at Isabelle, who was nauseated again because of the thought of eating earthworms, with a smile. , and then said: “Who would have thought that the snails sold at sky-high prices in the United States would become a flood here. Remember to catch more and have them sent to the United States. My father opened several restaurants there, and there is a demand for high-end snails. “The quantity is very large.”
Because no pesticides were used, giant snails can be seen everywhere in Goode Manor this year. In a few years, we may not see such a sight again.
The French eat 300,000 tons of snails a year. Although some farmers have begun artificial breeding, the supply is still in short