ng in touch at all times to prevent problems. Many people heard him when he spoke.

ng in touch at all times to prevent problems. Many people heard him when he spoke.
/When Father Han heard about it from the ecstatic bodyguard, he was shocked and couldn’t believe that he was about to become a grandfather. Mother Han Xuan was asking what was wrong and whether it was true, and did not bother to let reporters take pictures. Wearing high heels, she ran towards the door of the auditorium. She had already seen Anya and others.
Gabriel also wore a headset. After hearing Jason say these words, his mind couldn’t turn around for a while. He was still thinking about who was pregnant and so on. Suddenly he thought of what he just said about meeting Dolores and instantly fell over. Breathing in the cold air, he walked a few steps quickly and grabbed Han Xuan’s shoulders, shouting hurriedly with an expression as if he had seen a ghost: “Little boss, my God, just now, I seemed to hear Jason say”
Han Xuan was thinking In addition to him, developers also had the opportunity to show their faces during the speech. The three R&D directors had already written the manuscript in a hurry and asked people to make PPT. He had a busy day today and could only give an impromptu speech without a script, in order not to be in front of hundreds of millions of viewers. Embarrassing, I was nervously organizing the words in my mind.
Gabriel suddenly interrupted his thoughts and asked in annoyance: “What’s wrong? Don’t disturb me at this time. I will be on stage later. Didn’t Jason take Vinnie on patrol and encountered a problem?”
Gabriel said The breath was stuck in his chest. It was too uncomfortable to hold it in and not speak out. At this moment, he leaned forward and said in Han Xuan’s ear: “Jason told me that your girlfriend may be pregnant!”
Which girlfriend? Who else but Anya! ! !
After hearing these words, Han Xuan’s legs instantly became weak and he sat down on the ground. He didn’t care whether his butt hurt anymore. He stared at Gabriel with frightened eyes and asked uncertainly: “You What are you talking about?! Really?”
Before that, the two would occasionally be very close together, such as the unspeakable little story that happened in the bedroom last night, but he never thought that he would get pregnant unexpectedly. Thinking back to going to Africa Before the Republic of Gabon, we did have a super close contact, but it was not without protection.
His company is selling Durex to the outside world. Of course he knows that the safety of that thing is not 100%. Regarding pregnancy, it is either zero or 100%. There is no ambiguity. He has met people who sued Durex for “accidental winnings”. Customer, but Han Xuan never thought that this kind of thing would happen to him.
Gabriel’s light words disrupted Han Xuan’s entire life plan. He couldn’t believe the fact that he was going to be a father. Anya didn’t mention it at all when we were together yesterday, and she didn’t show anything unusual until he Thinking of Pooh coming over today, I roughly guessed something. After a man learns this kind of news, he