ust attacked the human gathering place on ‘Ocean Shrimp Island B1’, causing tens of thousands of deaths.

ust attacked the human gathering place on ‘Ocean Shrimp Island B1’, causing tens of thousands of deaths.
But since what we are dealing with is, It was the freedom of the United States that segregated black people thirty years ago and elected a black man as president thirty years later. Then maybe things will, will…
Oh, I can’t convince myself, I still think this idea is too crazy, but in this aspect You are the ‘experts’, we might as well give it a try, but Edward, I don’t think that even on earth, that region can join the United States of America and become one of its states, right?” ”
/Of course, boss, a certain There are several key legal issues for a region to voluntarily join the United States. First, its sovereignty and governance must be completely in its own hands without any dispute. Second, the vast majority of people living there must agree to give up their previous rights. identity, becoming an American citizen; and it must recognize the values ??of American democracy and voluntarily abide by the American Constitution…” ”
Oh Edward, the natives on ‘Sea Shrimp B1 Island’ cannot do this, but you can Imagine letting them spontaneously form courts and elect civil servants, but they are still covering their shame with leaves and animal skins?” Zhang Lisheng suddenly burst into laughter and interjected a question.
“But boss, if those natives can’t do it, you can order them to do it. Aren’t you their ‘God’?” Edward replied.
/“I’m going to order them,” Zhang Lisheng said in astonishment: “If I order them, what’s the meaning of so-called ‘democracy’?” ”
Of course you can’t blatantly issue such an order publicly, but private beliefs are also the responsibility of every citizen. Freedom.
Today, now, at this time, do you know how many cases of incest and rape between blood relatives are happening on Mormon farms in Texas? You don’t know, but Texas law enforcement officials know it.
But without the victims’ complaints and evidence, no judge would issue a search warrant based on speculation for no reason to cause trouble for those large Mormon farmers, let alone ban citizens from practicing “Mormonism.”
Boss, no legal system in this world is so perfect that there are no loopholes to exploit. In short, you don’t have to worry about these detailed issues, just leave them to professionals like me.” Edward replied with a smile. .
As soon as he finished speaking, Charlie said from the side: “What you have to worry about is what ‘Sea Shrimp B1 Island’ can provide to the federal freedom. The word ‘interest’ is the most critical issue for success.” ”
Ah. Ha, I learned another lesson today. The United States is full of surprises.
It seems that it was a wise move for me to follow my mother to live in New York.” Zhang Lisheng looked a little dull and saw that he had already been coerced and lured onto the ‘chariot’ The LS president and chief legal officer was silent for a while and said: “What we can provide to the federal freedom is endless gold. Of course, I think it is better not to disclose this