ost impossible to see the owner inside.

ost impossible to see the owner inside.
A young countryman riding a Phoenix brand bicycle with a large package on the seat came here for a casual trip, pursuing poetry and distance, and feeling the prosperity of the big city.
When he saw Han Xuan’s motorcade, he murmured to himself: “I can take my place, and that’s what a man should do.”
After getting off the car and locking it, he took out a small amount of change from his pocket, and walked into KFC anxiously, planning to have a meal. Western Food
International Architecture Expo Group.
It’s still the same Bund, but there are some differences.
At least the trams in front of the door were things Han Xuan had never seen before when he came to Shanghai. The observation deck near the Huangpu River had not been repaired, and construction equipment was piled on the riverside, making it look a bit messy.
The buildings I plan to buy have probably not been repaired since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and their appearance is darkened.
Probably at that time, Westerners regarded China as their own, and they were very careful when building these buildings. The buildings are still very strong even after nearly a hundred years.
If you look at them carefully, you can feel the prosperity of old Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s.
From now on, looking at Lujiazui will feel like looking at Manhattan, New York.
Now there is only the Oriental Pearl TV Tower there and some low-rise factories. Some of them have been sold, but no one has started building skyscrapers yet.
The motorcade drove to the Asia Building at the edge of the Bund. After the car stopped, the bodyguards came to open the door. This force attracted the attention of many tourists who came to visit.
Some foreigners spotted Han Xuan and the old man and immediately exclaimed!
The Chinese people who recognized them also screamed their names in surprise. When their companions who didn’t understand asked who they were, they excitedly explained!
Policemen wearing green police uniforms and thick white belts hurriedly built a human wall to prevent tourists from approaching.
Mr. Han smiled and waved his arm, took Han Xuan’s hand and looked towards Building 1.
The Asia Building, which has both classical and neoclassical styles, covers an area of ??more than 1,700 square meters and has a total of 7 floors. After careful calculation, it is more expensive than the building in Ginza, Japan. The price is obviously exaggerated.
There are three institutions here, namely the Metallurgical Design Institute, the Real Estate Administration Bureau, and the Silk Company. The Municipal Bureau is planning to replace a group of Bund houses. These institutions want to move to other places, so they want to sell them.
/The HSBC Building No. 12 is also seven stories high and covers an area of ??14 acres. It is as big as five Asia Towers.
“It’s a bit inappropriate to sell such a big building for 1.5 billion yuan, and Asia Tower 1 for 900 million yuan, right?”
He smiled and said, “I will go