ld I sell to you must not be resold.” Zhang Lisheng laid out his conditions.

ld I sell to you must not be resold.” Zhang Lisheng laid out his conditions.
/This condition is quite favorable, which means that the federal military can use about 14 billion yuan to buy gold with a real value of more than 70 billion without affecting the domestic monetary order. However, Philips is obviously not satisfied yet.
“Doctor, the price you paid to complete the transaction with the creditor was three hundred meters. Now…” the black man counter-offered expressionlessly, but was choked by the young man, “Yes, but at that time, the LS Group under my name was in trouble. After the financial crisis, things are running smoothly now.
I am a scientist, Mr. Philips, and I am neither willing nor good at bargaining with others. Moreover, I like to simplify complex issues, so I always show my utmost sincerity when negotiating. , it depends on you whether you accept it or not.
Well, I have said all I can say. If you have nothing else, I will leave first.”
“Doctor, you just explained your feelings towards the Federation and the Witch. He has deep love for the Li tribe, but now he is uncompromising for one hundred meters. Isn’t it too much like a politician?” Philip said expressionlessly as if he didn’t hear Zhang Lisheng’s euphemistic eviction order.
“This is not one hundred meters, but thirty-five million one hundred meters. I really hope that the Federation and Wu Li will form an alliance, but I am not a saint without selfish desires. Maybe we should wait until
you We will meet again when we are more sincere, Mr. Philips.” Zhang Lisheng stood up and shrugged. Seeing that he was really about to leave, the black man stopped the young man with a deep frown, “Okay doctor, I accept your price of four hundred meters for one ounce of gold. conditions.
/You can also immediately agree to sign a military supplies purchase contract with the native tribes of the ‘Sea Shrimp World 2’ in the name of the Logistics Support Agency of the Ministry of National Defense, but your annual gold supply must be increased to 12 million tons.
I can pay for the goods first.”
“The term of the federal minister of defense can only be eight years at most, two consecutive presidential terms, and I will serve the American people for life,” Philips said coldly: “As long as you can promise to provide me with a thousand dollars a year. Two million tons of gold, all the conditions just mentioned are not a problem.”
Philips did not answer Zhang Lisheng’s question, but showed a stiff smile that was uglier than crying.
“Oh, it seems that you are a big shot far beyond my imagination, Mr. Philips,” the young man was stunned for a moment, silent for a long time, and then gave the black man a tacit smile, “OK, in this case I am willing to compromise, a thousand Two hundred tons is one thousand two hundred tons. It is unimaginable that the federal high-end military industry has such a huge demand for gold.
Edward, please help draft a transaction contract now.
I called Charlie and asked him to , No, in the afternoon we will organize manp