g more now is me or you, Helena! “The young man roared back, turned around and strode away breathlessly. When

g more now is me or you, Helena! “The young man roared back, turned around and strode away breathlessly. When
the sailor on the side heard the quarrel between the brothers and sisters, he showed a accustomed look, and the one on duty pretended to be blind and deaf and continued his work; he was not on duty. The people gradually dispersed as if nothing had happened, and went to find the cabin to rest on their own. After a while, the deck became empty, with only the fish swimming in the sea accompanying the wooden boat sailing slowly through the wind and waves. In
/this way, the escapees ate and fished by the sailors. The fish came up, drank the clean water created by the captain, and drifted in the vast sea with increasing difficulty for more than a month, relying on the route analyzed by the pilot who tried his best to comprehensively analyze the celestial phenomena, ocean currents, and fish distribution. In the
first period of time, during the day, The sailors on duty on the deck would still laugh and laugh with each other, but what came out of the cabin at night was always their cries in their sleep.
Later, the fear of falling into the cannibal hell tribe disappeared in the ecstasy of successful escape. After that, it gradually began to ferment. The constant nightmares all night made the land people slowly become depressed all day long, completely losing the mood to show a smile. The long, seemingly endless voyage made this malaise even more difficult. The shadow of despair.
/Human beings are such fickle and fragile animals. Not long ago, the sailors who had high hopes for the navigator began to feel angry about Hano’s ‘incompetence’ more than twenty days later.
Even after many years of life at sea Let them be able to fully understand rationally that without navigation charts and without knowing the specific direction, they have sailed in the dangerous waters of Hell for such a long time without encountering sea monsters or reefs. It has been shown that Hano is an experienced and excellent person. The navigator was of no help.
In fact, people only believe in the ‘truth’ they want to believe!
Seeing the commotion among the crew, Anducci promptly used the captain’s authority to decisively order that the three-shift sailors should be changed to two shifts, and all sailors on the shift except the arrester In addition to fishing and maneuvering the sails, the deck must be constantly scrubbed with seawater. If there is no brush, the deck must be cleaned on the ground with discarded cables. In short, the deck must be polished like a mirror. The high
-sounding reason for this request is After sailing on the sea for a long time, it is easy to get diseases, so you must try your best to keep it clean. However, the real reason is that the sailors are exhausted from work and fall asleep after completing the work. They have no energy to think about it. The
most common use of navigators is Using a little trick to vent his men’s energy, Anducci allowed the peaceful days on the wooden boat to continue for another