lso liked to play when he was young.”

lso liked to play when he was young.”
“This is our family’s tradition. There’s nothing wrong with having fun. I’m also a member of the DKE fraternity. I’ve heard about your grandfather’s deeds at Harvard.” ”
What’s going on?”
“At that time, others were teasing him when he joined the fraternity and wanted to follow him around. There was a drinking competition, but your grandfather didn’t agree. Two weeks later, he asked to participate again. He went to Chinatown and bought two boxes of liquor and drank them all down. Even though white people can drink beer, they drank liquor and poured them down! I remember my great-grandfather. , that is, your grandfather’s grandfather. He is almost eighty years old and even drinks two glasses of wine before meals. If he doesn’t drink, he will go on a hunger strike. He took your grandfather to practice.”
Father Han’s face looked envious, as if he was remembering something sad, and continued: “If you drink enough, It’s good if it can be inherited. Why are you nodding? You’re not old enough. You’re not allowed to drink.” He
stopped talking. He was about to say that he also joined the brotherhood, but how to calculate the generation? According to Chinese standards, three generations of ancestors and grandchildren Are they all brothers?
“I heard from John that a pine tree fell down in front of Ogusge’s house. How could such a big tree be blown down by the wind? Old Barton went back to get the tools. I will come over later and I will use the wood to build a tree house. In the newspaper It’s quite interesting to see what others built.”
“Tree house.” Han Xuan raised his head, “Where to put it?”
“In the woods, near where the macaws live, there are several spruce trees close to each other, you can see Luota Lake, the environment is good.”
“I’ll follow you later, Mom, hurry up!”
“Don’t rush! Shake your hands and add too much salt!” came a voice from the kitchen.
“Where’s your classmate? Ask him if he’s going.”
“It’s okay. He came to me several times last night when he couldn’t sleep and asked me to chat with him. He was even afraid of thunder. He must have woken up early.”
After breakfast, Old Barton and John and Martinez were already waiting at the door.
The Augsburg family moved away a few years ago, and the house became a resting place for the cowboys while they herded cattle.
/After several repairs, it has not deteriorated. Now the pine trees are pressing on the roof, and everything around it has collapsed. It seems that it cannot be inhabited without major repairs this time. If the ancestors of Augsig knew that such a day would come, they would probably plant the trees far away. point.
The pine tree cannot be hugged by one person, the leaves are a little yellow, and more needles have fallen than other trees.
Martinez acted as a coolie, pulling the rope and the chainsaw went silent.
He went around it and pulled it again, but still no sound. He shook it and said speechlessly: “Whose electric saw is out of oil, and whose car is burning diesel?” ”
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