im, and looked at the girl with wide eyes.

im, and looked at the girl with wide eyes.
Anya walked up to the mini donkey, raised her hand and touched its ears, and said to the boy: “It was this big a few years ago, right? I remember it was in the photo.”
“McDull was more than three years old. Last time Measuring only 68 centimeters, it doesn’t look like he will grow any longer, but he has gained a lot of weight recently.” ”
I have never seen such interesting animals in New York, only cats and dogs, or the Bronx Zoo, ah! Big turtle. ”
Seeing Anya running towards the snapping turtle and wanting to reach out to touch it, Han Xuan quickly took the girl’s arm and explained: “Squirtle doesn’t know you yet, it will bite, wait a minute.”
After that, he stretched out his hand to cover it . He closed the snapping turtle’s mouth, raised his head and said with a smile, “That’s it. It’s a North American snapping turtle. It weighs 103 kilograms now. I caught it.”
“Caught?” Anya hesitated when she saw Han Xuan’s actions. Pointing at his hand, he said, “Is it okay for you to do this?”
“Well, he and I are old friends.” The boy knocked the snapping turtle on the head: “Right, Jenny.”
The big snapping turtle looked up. She looked at him, shook her neck, and cupped his hand with her head.
The girl touched the flesh on its back, then turned around to tease Jigglypuff. Little Han Xuan felt that something was missing, and suddenly remembered that the BBQ was still on the balcony, so he hurried to the house and called his name.
Anya turned back curiously and found that Han Xuan was gone. She stood up and followed him. Suddenly she found a beautiful big parrot standing on his arm. She was surprised and ran to him, shaking his hand to let herself try it too.
Han Xuan narrowed his smile and put the BBQ on the girl’s shoulder, as if he was displaying his treasure. Seeing the girl’s joyful expression, he felt very satisfied.
The sky quickly darkened, and Han Xuan took Anya into the house.
“Yes, I like it very much. I see it every time I go home.”
Anya’s face was a little blushing. She lowered her head while changing her shoes, covered it up with her long hair, and whispered: “Actually, this painting is Mom painted it for me.”
“Huh?” Han Xuan didn’t understand.
Anya raised her head, widened her eyes, and said word by word: “I mean, it’s not for sale. Mom planned to give it to me on my sixth birthday.” ”
Then why did my dad buy it and you agreed? ”
Han Xuan laughed again. He laughed more times in this half hour than in the previous few days combined.
/He reached out and pulled the girl through the entrance hall to the living room. There was no one around. He vaguely heard voices in front of him and walked there with the girl who was looking around.
Walking around the lush Liriodendron tulipifera tree in the center of the living room, my mother was busy with something in the kitchen.
Cecilia is standing in the restaurant next door, facing the “Nurse” with a somewhat fanatical look. The old man and Han Qianshan are behind her. It seems that they have b