came from inside.

came from inside.
“Please do not try to damage the energy transformation device. This device is connected to your brain and internal organs. Once it is damaged, you will die.”
Liu Qian couldn’t help but be surprised. It seemed that he must have been discovered by the Neng clan! So he was fixed and then transformed?
“What does energy transformation mean?” Liu Qian asked the voice.
“You humans have very interesting thoughts, but your bodies are extremely fragile. We will carry out energy transformation on you. The final winner’s body will be completely energized and become a member of our energy clan!” Electronic Voice answered Liugan.
“Final winner, is this a competition?” Liu Qian heard a lot of information from the electronic sound’s answer.
After hearing the noise outside the window and seeing everything outside the window, Liu Qian felt that his previous question seemed unnecessary.
It was extremely lively outside, and there were people everywhere, or in other words, people like Liu Qian who were covered in soft metal armor everywhere. Of course, there were some people who didn’t have soft armor covering their bodies, but Liu Qian quickly figured out what was going on with the people who didn’t wear soft armor.
This metal soft armor can be retracted. As long as you press a metal button on the chest, the metal soft armor outside the body will shrink into the hands and feet respectively, so that it looks no different from before.
Dianyin answered everything Liu Qian knew. Under continuous questioning, Liu Qian quickly figured out many things.
This is probably not a main city, but a brand new space, a huge world, a space used by the energy race to transform human beings. The process is to gradually energize the human body.
/But what they want to select is the winner among human beings, and the winner among hundreds of thousands, even millions, tens of millions, billions of humans. In the end, only one place can win, and the body is completely energized into energy. A member of the clan.
The bustling crowd outside the window were all players who had been pulled in, and they were also Liu Gan’s competitors. Like Liu Gan, they sat in front of the computer and played the game Thriller World, and as a result, they were pulled into this time and space.
Metal soft armor is a tool to transform the human body and energize the human body. It is completely implanted into Liu Qian’s clone body through some painless technology, and into the bodies of the players outside. The function of the metal soft armor is to stimulate the energy of the human body. The soft armor is enhanced by installing chips on each component of the soft armor. If you want to get better chips, you have to go out and hunt zombies and various mutant zombies and monsters.
/Liu Gan knew this very well. He had seen zombies and monsters before when the world was still. At that time, he also wondered why some zombies and monsters wore one or more pieces of metal armor on their bodies. There will be energy fluctuations in these m