related tasks among thousands of tasks. One is a four-star difficulty tasks, one is a five-star difficulty task.

related tasks among thousands of tasks. One is a four-star difficulty tasks, one is a five-star difficulty task.
The four-star mission can obtain a device that traps energy bodies, and the five-star mission can obtain weapons that destroy energy bodies, as well as some related technologies for energy bodies and semi-energy bodies.
“Both of these tasks are within a week. When we come back, we can just catch up with the opening of the portal.” Mo Fan explained to Liu Qian.
“Well, this is indeed a good choice.” Liu Qian nodded.
“It’s just that these two tasks require two people to enter, and they need to be paired with a man and a woman, so we can only do these two tasks separately. My consideration is that I will take one person to do the five-star difficulty task. Brother Liu, take one person to do the four-star difficulty task.” Mo Fan told Liu Qian his arrangement.
Mo Fan himself is a task master and a task maniac, and he is looking forward to challenging the five-star difficulty task. He is also very confident in Liu Gan’s wisdom and courage, and asked Liu Qian to lead people to do the four-star difficulty task. The mission shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
“No, I will do the five-star difficulty task, and you will do the four-star difficulty task.” Liu Gan shook his head. After he entered the third stage of the brain, his body began to transform into semi-energy, so he was very interested in energy body and semi-energy. He is very interested in body-related technologies, and this mission is obviously a good opportunity for him to get in touch with and understand all this.
“I have never tried a five-star mission. Brother Liu, are you sure you want to take it?” Mo Fan was still a little uneasy. Although Liu Qian was wise and courageous, he only had two mission experiences, which was not as rich as his.
/“If I don’t come back, you will be the captain of the Galaxy.” Liu Qian teased Mo Fan.
“That won’t work. Without Brother Liu, I can’t control those monsters.” Mo Fan quickly shook his head.
Although Liu Gan didn’t want Anna to be involved in danger, Anna was determined to go with him after hearing that Liu Gan was going on a mission. Liu Gan couldn’t resist her and had to agree.
/The five-star difficulty task was done by Liu Qian and Anna, while Mo Fan took Ke Ming with him to do the four-star difficulty task.
“Are you going on a mission? Or are you going on a trip? Do you want to torture us singles to death?” Mint teased Liu Qian and others a few words when they were sending them off.
“Don’t be sad, Mint Girl, I’m still with you.” Guo Tian came over.
“You’d better forget it, I’m not interested in half-corpse people.” Mint quickly shook his head.
“Why? The half-zombie is pretty good! He’s stronger than humans, more loving than zombies, and his hard parts are harder than humans.” Guo Tian expressed a serious protest to Mint.
“I support Daxia Guo this time.” Wang Shang made his position clear.
“Well, we all support Guo Daxia, support Brother Shang, and protest against Mint Girl’s racia