nd Lin Yun.

nd Lin Yun.
No one is sure how many extraterrestrial meteorite summoning scrolls Lin Yun has in his hand, or whether all of those scrolls are genuine.
Even if I saw a few scrolls with obviously different auras, I wouldn’t dare to gamble.
/This kind of extraterrestrial meteorite is not a flaming meteorite condensed by magic. As long as it falls, it means that it cannot be stopped. If hundreds of them fall to the edge of the Raging Flame Battlefield, it is definitely possible to cause the collapse and destruction of the entire Raging Flame Battlefield.
And most importantly, Lin Yun seemed to know a few ways to avoid the fate of the Raging Flame Plane, which made a group of orcs dare not gamble.
Lin Yun didn’t say anything clearly, but the vague information made the orcs more concerned because they didn’t dare to gamble and couldn’t afford it.
When the negotiation began, Lin Yun looked at the eight heaven-level orcs in front of him and the strong orc behind him with a calm expression, without any fear on his face.
As long as these orcs turn against him, they can tear him into pieces in half a minute at most.
“No matter what you say, it is absolutely impossible for us to retreat. We will never give up on the alchemy circle that can produce magic crystals!
We also know about the Dark Night Phoenix, and this is not the first time we have seen it. You don’t need to say anything, you can’t drive away the Night Phoenix, but that doesn’t mean we can’t!”
Gals Posey stated the bottom line at the beginning of the negotiation, which can be regarded as an expression of sincerity. The other orcs looked grim and didn’t. Contrary to Gales Posey’s words.
Gals Posy’s face was dark, and when he said these words, he was shaking with anger.
This damn human being is so terrifyingly powerful that he can hold on for one minute against eight of us. Moreover, it is said that this guy is not the strongest person on the human side, and he is not even a strong person at the heaven level.
/Regardless of whether what this human just said is true or not, as long as these humans are here, we can’t even try to snatch back the alchemy circle.
As long as we attack the alchemy circle, these humans will definitely come back to cause trouble, and no one will be able to take back the alchemy circle.
In addition, this human seems to have the power to destroy the Raging Flames battlefield. Cooperation is not impossible.
If they can offer good conditions, cooperation is also possible.
It is said that when the orcs entered the Raging Flames battlefield in the past, this Dark Night Phoenix But without occupying the alchemy circle, it seems that these monsters are unable to discover the existence of the alchemy circle.
Only after outsiders discover it will they come to snatch it. As long as they resist the attack of the monsters, they can continuously obtain the magic crystals.
Now that the Dark Night Phoenix occupies the alchemy circle, it is difficult to take back the alchemy circle with just our strength.
Gals Posey q