ring the school gate, Anna smiled charmingly at Liu Qian, and then ran away away, probably because she was embarrassed to be alone with Liu Qian like this.

ring the school gate, Anna smiled charmingly at Liu Qian, and then ran away away, probably because she was embarrassed to be alone with Liu Qian like this.
In this day and age, men and women will still be gossiped about when they walk together on campus.
In this day and age, girls are still shy.
In this era, Liu Qian couldn’t help but be stunned. Isn’t this the era he lives in?
/He seemed to have forgotten something very important, but he just couldn’t remember it.
Morning exercises, breakfast, and classes.
Everything today was no different from usual. No one asked the six people what they had experienced yesterday, and no one asked the six people whether they had a car accident last night. There were reports of two car accidents in the newspaper, but one happened the day before yesterday and the other happened yesterday afternoon. There was no information about the car accident at midnight.
Liu Qian couldn’t help but feel a little strange. Even if the car accident last night was too late for the newspapers to report it, there would always be news on the Internet, right?
What is a network?
It’s not popular at all, and dial-up Internet access is available outside the gate of a very high school for fifteen yuan an hour and is as thin as a water pipe?
Probably not, right?
Liu Qian’s mind became confused again.
No one knew, no one asked, and naturally none of the six people would take the initiative to mention it to anyone. The impact of this kind of thing spreading would be bad. Several college students who were about to graduate got drunk and then had a car accident, which would make the college leaders Treat them with special regard, which affects their graduation assignments.
After lunch, the six brothers and sisters gathered together again to discuss this strange watch on their wrists.
This thing does not display the time. There is only one line of words on the screen, which is the few words they heard in the morning, telling them to rush back before nine o’clock in the evening, and then they can not leave after six o’clock in the morning. This thing is really Somewhat weird.
In addition, they must owe a lot of medical bills, right? There are also laundry fees and the like. What if the other party is a private hospital and asks them for exorbitant prices? This watch must be some kind of high-tech positioning system that makes it impossible for them to evade the fee.
/The final result of the discussion was, of course, unanimous agreement to get this thing off my wrist. Although it looks very fashionable and cool, no one wants to have such a useless thing on their body for no reason and cannot be removed.
But what happened next was somewhat beyond everyone’s expectations. The watch was made of a very hard material, and you couldn’t pick it off with your hands. It was useless to smash it with a hammer or saw it, and it couldn’t even leave any trace on it.
As a last resort, everyone came to the school gate and found a shoe repairman, asking him to find a way to help them get rid of the