that you died in the hands of a level 12 player like me.” There was a burst of proud laughter from outside. .

that you died in the hands of a level 12 player like me.” There was a burst of proud laughter from outside. .
“I won’t let you go even if I’m a ghost!” Liu Qian continued to scream, and then said ‘Bang! ‘There was a gunshot.
The name of this level 12 player of Holy Sword is Shen Ku. He saw all the previous battles at the side door through on-site surveillance. Liu Gan charged against the concentrated fire of the side door guards and heavy machine guns, and used a blue fireball bomb to blow open the side door. , the mysterious soul skill made more than ten guards at the side door freeze instantly and became mute. He was blown up into the sky twice by high-explosive bombs and fell without any injuries. This made him identify Liu Qian as a level 15 player, which made him treat Liu Qian The strength is quite fearful.
At the same time, Shen Ku was also worried about Liu Gan. Players who could reach level 15 would definitely have a lot of equipment and treasures on them. If Liu Gan could be captured alive, he could be forced to hand over his treasures. That’s the best. If you don’t know how to use it, you can force him to teach you how to use it.
If you can’t capture Liu Gan alive, then kill him, explode the treasures on his body, and then slowly study the use of each treasure. Shen Ku threw a few poisonous smoke bombs in, with the purpose of forcing Liu Qian to come out and surrender. But if Liu Qian refused to come out and surrender, he would definitely be smoked to death inside.
Shen Ku is a player who was teleported here from the main city. After coming here, he has been staying in the Holy Sword Camp, responsible for guarding the magic cabinet that was brought here but has not yet been cracked. Because of the protection of the magnetic energy conversion device and the fact that he was not allowed to leave the Holy Sword Camp, Shen Ku did not have the opportunity to come into contact with the zombie army outside Tundra City, and he did not know much about the situation outside the camp.
When he discovered that Liu Qian was trying to destroy the magnetic energy conversion device, Shen Ku immediately sent people over to try to stop Liu Gan, but in the end Liu Qian destroyed the magnetic energy conversion device. Shen Ku should have been worried about this. , but the reinforcements arrived at the Holy Sword Camp at this time. Those mecha soldiers seemed to make him feel at ease, so he didn’t take the threats outside too seriously.
/According to the original plan of the Holy Sword Camp, later today, the staff in the building where the magic cabinet is located will crack the rune key on how to move the magic cabinet, and they will also evacuate with the supporting troops who came over at that time. Those things have already been arranged for Shen Ku. Now he only needs to concentrate on dealing with Liu Gan and seizing the treasures from Liu Gan.
“Hey! Have you figured it out? Come out and surrender!” Shen Ku took the loudspeaker and shouted to Liu Qian in the magnetic energy conversion room again.
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