rs from running around. They kept creating terror like this The atmosphere is not good.

rs from running around. They kept creating terror like this The atmosphere is not good.
“The interior of this haunted house is a bit complicated. There are several routes. When we entered, the order was as follows, first the midnight bell, then the chainsaw massacre, then the old mountain village house and the terrifying ancient well.” Anna walked towards Liu Qian introduced, when Liu Qian was alone with her, she seemed much quieter than usual.
“When did Yu Xing tell the story? Where did Sun Chao separate from you?” Liu Qian asked Anna while looking around with a flashlight.
The disappearance of team members means hidden dangers, and the reason must be found out, otherwise we will consider abandoning the selected camp.
“Yu Xing started telling the story after he went upstairs. When Sun Chao separated from us, we were almost in the innermost room on the second floor.” Anna took Liu Qian upstairs and brought him to the room with Sun Chao. separate place.
“What was your position at that time?” Liu Qian looked around the room, then walked to the small window of the room and looked outside.
“I’m standing here, Yu Xing is next to me, and Sun Chao is probably standing here.” When Liu Qian turned around and looked over, Anna explained to him the positions of the five of them at that time.
“There are two doors in this room. Which door did Sun Chao rush out from?” Liu Qian asked Anna again.
/“It should be that door.” Anna answered Liu Qian after recalling it.
Liu Qian shined his flashlight on the ground, studied the messy footprints on the ground, and then walked towards the door Anna mentioned.
/“Master Liu, do you think Yu Xing’s story might be true? Will something really happen if you sleep in a haunted house at night?” Anna followed Liu Qian and asked him without saying anything.
“Even if there is a problem in the haunted house, nothing will happen as long as we don’t panic. Those who are not calm enough and run around at the first sign of trouble will cause some trouble even if there is nothing wrong.” Liu Qian answered Anna as he walked.
While Liu Qian asked Anna, he walked back and explored each room again. Finally, he stopped in the room where the terrifying ancient well was. After shining the flashlight around, he found Sun Chao’s lost flashlight in the corner of the ancient well’s room. .
“The flashlight bounced from here.” Liu Qian looked around on the walls and the ground and found several fresh smash marks, which seemed to have been made by the flashlight.
“There was originally a guardrail beside the ancient well, but it has been damaged or moved away. There are knock marks on the edge of the well, and there are footprints here. The ancient well is about 1.5 meters wide. Sun Chao ran back desperately in the darkness. The flashlight was wandering around and failed to shine on the edge of the ancient well on the floor of the room. He tripped here and hit his head on the edge of the well opposite. This is the mark. Although he was protected by fog armor, the hit was too hard, causing his hea