ed its ferocious fangs for the first time in Zhongguancun.

ed its ferocious fangs for the first time in Zhongguancun.
At this time, she could only feel deeply grateful. If Ding Tao and Liu Cong hadn’t accidentally wanted to stabilize the rear for Tesla, if they had waited for Zhao Song to come back, with his temperament and his current energy in Zhongguancun, what would have happened? She didn’t know the turbulent waves and didn’t dare to think about them.
“Our life has just begun to look forward to. Who dares to make trouble again…” Gui Luyang looked back at the mute Liu. The big man with a fierce look smiled innocently.
o’clock in the afternoon. Outside Gate 25 of the Ximen Correctional Bureau of Beijing University.
This seems to be the place where I saw Zhao Song for the first time.
Wei Jiawei, who was sitting in the BMW, seemed to be recalling something and took out his mobile phone to make a call.
“Zhao Song, for the sake of me telling you everything, let my dad go. All the residential community channels in the Greater Kyoto District belong to you.”
“And give me the complete after-sales service of New Hengsheng in North China District . Hand it over!”
“Bang!” The phone hung up.
I know what timidity is, but I don’t know what shame is.
I run in the wilderness of human nature.
Those who love me know it clearly and tacitly.
Those who are proud of me have the road to the sky. Everyone goes to one side.
Those who harm me are incompatible with each other. , no mercy.
My name is Zhao Song. A reborn person should do what a reborn person should do.
Total assets: 220 million.
Before Hainiao Electronics Mall opened in a month, Zhonghai Electronics Market was the center of Zhongguancun, not the Pacific Ocean.
And what kind of existence is Tesla, which made its fortune in Zhonghai, now? No one knows, and No one has a clear concept. Even Zhao Song can’t explain clearly.
In the afternoon, Zhonghai.
Liu Cong’s former boss, Lao Feng, was squatting in a corner inside the counter as always, leisurely counting his endless number of cents, looking very happy.
“Brother Feng.”
Old Feng looked up and followed the voice, and was immediately happy. It was Xiao Wu’s former boss. This man called him Lao Feng when we met two days ago. Now he changed his name?
“Boss Ji, what’s the matter?”
“Brother Feng, for the sake of our long-standing friendship, can you help me and arrange some goods?” Boss Ji said with a sad face.
friendship? It seems that no one who has a friendship with you has a good ending, right?
Lao Feng shook his head without hesitation. “No goods.”
“Brother Feng, I won’t be able to deliver the goods tomorrow.” Boss Ji looked at Old Feng’s decisive look and stopped talking, “Brother Feng, this time you all listened to Tesla, but you just Its brand is up. There will be times when you regret it.”
“You find someone who doesn’t listen first, and I will follow.” Lao Feng stood up and walked to the counter, looking directly at Boss Ji and said, “Tesla has taken over the national market. It was handed over to Jiami