rnational Airport.

rnational Airport.
What is unusual is that Zhao Song has been studying open-top underwear for the past two days, and he is exhausted…
The burly man in a suit and leather shoes stared blankly at the angry man in front of him, but thinking in his heart: “This cover-up I immediately took five or six steps back. If I try too hard, why don’t you get under the wheel?”
/Ding Tao silently walked to Zhao Song.
He didn’t know how long ago it was, but he clearly remembered it. In the eleventh aisle of Zhonghai Electronics Market, Zhao Song was sharpening the screwdriver!
The person who offended him that time was called Han Bing, right?
“Boss, you shouldn’t have pulled me. I’m just a little old man. I can’t beat him to death.”
“Little old man! His arms are like steel bars. The two of us can’t beat him! The most important thing is that I can’t bite him! ”
That’s it?”
“You didn’t see what I was doing?” “I
‘ll cover
you when you go out!” ”
I think you just broke up with him?”
“Face is important to life?”
Of course face is important to life. After such a long time, Ding Tao is more sure than anyone else that if Han Bing didn’t come over, he would let Zhao Song slap him. Those slaps, his boss really dared to jump from the toilet on the second floor and stab him!
Then go for it, if you do it, I will follow and kick you!
Ding Tao is no longer the little guy who blushes when talking to others, but he will still follow his little boss no matter what he wants to do.
Especially when he saw the group of fantasy people behind the big man and the striking beard.
Don’t mess with the boss who spent money, especially when he spent a lot of money. You are hitting the point of a gun.
There is a large trash can at each entrance of the Capital International Airport. On the top of the trash can is a large ashtray.
It was half filled with water, and dense cigarette butts were floating on it. If you looked carefully, you could see foamy sputum and nasal mucus…
Of course, you only looked carefully if you were fine.
Zhao Song looked at the big man, and then at the fantasy team behind him. Each luggage was covered with transfer tags. You guys are so good at leaving the station. You have to run into the station to join in the fun. What I hate most is that you are so unruly. A well-behaved person! What’s more, he is still a fantasy person.
Should he scold him or scold them?
Zhao Song hesitated for a moment.
“I’m your grandma!” Suddenly, a woman’s shout came from her ears, and Wen Zhenwen quickly moved her short legs and ran forward, raising her thick palms.
/The big man moved it quickly.
“Pa~” Zhao Song covered his face and looked at his Aunt Zhenwen with tears in his eyes, but his face turned completely gloomy. This time, the big man really did it on purpose, and he could easily block it.
A figure flashed past quickly, and then kicked the big man hard.
“Deng Deng~~” The big man was blocked by his colleagues and looked at the person in front of him solemnly.
Zhao Lei, the leader of Zhaojiacun, slo