Wall Street Copper Bull designed by Mr. Di Modica is located. What everyone is looking at is not the Wall Street Copper Bull, but the one there. ”
The camera followed Liu Chang’s fingers and pointed at a tall flagpole. At the same time, Liu Chang’s voice became excited:
“It’s more than that.”
“Beep~Beep~Beep ~Beep~”
The overtime assembly lines of Pingchang, Wuming, Shanshi, Wesonic, and all companies related to Zhao Song all stopped at this time.
The assembly workers stared blankly as the technical indicators on the work screen turned into snowflakes, and then turned into the second screen.
In Xiaohe Village, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shenzhou Gemini, DK Building, and Shanghai Zhangjiang, everyone stopped what they were doing, turned on the TV, and tuned to CCTV 2.
In Laohewan, in Jiangsu Province, in Guangdong Province, in the northwest, on every heavy truck with three connections and one connection, the construction of the Central Control System construction site has stopped, and the on-board radios are all turned on.
In every one-kilometer convenience store across the country, customers stopped leaving after paying. Shoppers put down their goods and, together with the store clerks, stared at the TV on the counter seriously.
In reality, the five-star red flag in front of the Tongniu was raised on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States.
Staring at the rising five-star red flag.
Listening to the excited voices on the TV.
“Let’s look around us. At this moment, there is only one color here, and that is red!
Not only that, we can see this in Times Square, at the New York Stock Exchange, on Fifth Avenue, and on the long coastline of Manhattan. Bright red ~ ”
As reporter Liu Chang told the story, the scene also switched to a Warner Media helicopter. Looking down from a high altitude, the audience suddenly discovered that New York is exceptionally red today.
what is this?
Some viewers who didn’t know what was going on were watching the TV blankly.
Is this the liberation of New York?
Damn it, the People’s Liberation Army is awesome!
Are you telling me this is a listing? !
Isn’t going public just ringing the bell and spreading flowers? !
At this time, in addition to the unknown people, there were also many CEOs who had gone or were about to go public in the United States, looking at the TV screen with complicated expressions.
/This is Tesla going public.
For a listing of this scale, CCTV didn’t give me a preview or live broadcast, but just made news? ? ?
Of course, CCTV couldn’t explain it. In CCTV2, the explosive ratings had already made the director’s blood pressure soar. He suppressed his excitement and issued instructions one after another.
The advanced equipment at the front has improved work efficiency, and the short connection time has caught everyone in the studio off guard.
“Where I am now is the gate of the New York Stock Exchange. I will soon be invited to enter the tradi