“Too strong! The chief of the Ash Orc tribe is so strong. He just stood there and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

“Too strong! The chief of the Ash Orc tribe is so strong. He just stood there and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”
“What on earth is going on? How could this be? How could the chief of the Ash Orc tribe appear? And he is so powerful that I don’t even dare to look up.”
/A group of dark elves exclaimed, many of them had never seen this in their lives. I have seen what a heaven-level strong man is like, and I have never seen a heaven-level strong man take action. Now I feel this pressure personally, and all of them are so scared that their legs are weak. If they didn’t know the great elder of the dark elf tribe, It has also broken through the heavenly level, and the dark elves fighting on the front line have long been unable to stand there.
At this time, Gary, the Great Elder of the Dark Elf Tribe, and Harris, the Patriarch of the Fire Rock Dwarf Tribe, also flew into the air together, looking at the ashen-faced Gulidan in the distance.
But just when everyone thought that the situation had been completely suppressed, a figure shrouded in black smoke flew quickly from the distance. This figure was wrapped with huge and violent power. Before it could fly, the air had already Trembling slightly.
The roaring sound is like countless thunders exploding in the air. The violent power drives the power in the air to form a terrifying magic storm. This magic storm turns into billowing black smoke and stretches for more than ten thousand people. rice, looks like a terrifying tornado formed by the gathering of black smoke and stretching for more than ten miles.
“Guridan, how dare you stop me! I am doing this for the tribe. Anyone who dares to stop me must die! Must die!”
/A furious roar exploded from the front of the tornado, and furious voices gathered. A large amount of black smoke turned into hundreds of huge demon heads that were four to five meters tall. Each of these demon heads with black smoke tails roared towards Gulidan.
In an instant, the wind and clouds changed color, the wind suddenly rose, and the magic in the air was carried by hundreds of roaring giant demon heads and rushed towards Gulidan.
The terrifying and violent force squeezed in, making Lin Yun, who was thousands of meters away, feel a little difficult to breathe, as if the sky in front of him was pressing down on him.
Facing this violent and terrifying power, Gulidan frowned slightly, stretched out his hand to grab the void in front of him, and a series of space fluctuations followed, as if one of his hands had traveled through space to another place. Wherever, ripples emerged, and Gulidan pulled out a two-meter-long red giant sword from the void.
Suddenly, a chilling and heavy aura emerged from Gulidan’s body. The violent power around him seemed to be completely controlled by him at this moment. It was an even more violent but tightly suppressed force. strength.
Gulidan held the sword with one hand and slashed hard at the torrent of endless demon heads, followed by a most common red fighting spirit slash.
But this red fighting spiri