being able to get into the venue would be solved by her cousin who had just graduated. Her expectations for the briefing session were instantly lowered.

being able to get into the venue would be solved by her cousin who had just graduated. Her expectations for the briefing session were instantly lowered.
Xi Yuan, who was waiting outside the security line half an hour later, stood speechless. She looked at another convoy headed by Jing AG that had just entered the compound; at the seniors who were following the instructor honestly far behind; The
cousin who was greeting a person who was obviously the security chief
asked confusedly: “That girl~”
/Xiaoyan took back the hand that greeted Hong Tao and whispered back: “Keep your voice down, didn’t you say don’t talk nonsense?” Yuan quickly covered her mouth, but still couldn’t hold back her curiosity and asked quietly: “Um, I never asked, what kind of job do you do in urban construction, secretary to the chairman? Financial director?”
Although to a young graduate who just graduated, For a girl, being a financial director was a fantasy, but she really couldn’t explain why a sister with no other special features other than her good looks could appear on such an occasion.
“Didn’t my aunt tell you?” Xiaoyan looked at her cousin strangely.
Xi Yuan shook his head vigorously.
“Zhao Song is my classmate.”
Xi Yuan, who was riding a horse looking for a donkey, was not over shocked. On this grand occasion, which she had never seen before, she saw that many big leaders who came down from the motorcade did not sit on the rostrum. Instead, they ran to the rostrum. Unobtrusive corner.
So not everyone is qualified to sit in the back row.
She saw a smart and beautiful woman sitting around according to the leader’s orders and easily controlling the order of the venue. She saw the high-spirited senior being kicked out of the venue by security an hour ago.
She saw the CEO of Shenzhou, who frequently appeared on financial programs, and his beard looked exactly like the one on TV; she saw the idol of many young women, the strong woman Xu Liangying, smiling and chatting with the leader next to her.
She saw the principal of her mother’s alma mater, and through countless nameplates, she saw countless familiar heads of enterprises and institutions. Everyone
loves silly Zhao Song!
This was supposed to be a simple report meeting.
But just for this simple report meeting, without any organization from the government, institutions, enterprises, or individuals, countless people and institutions gathered here to
take advantage of it!
The Tesla headquarters base worth billions of dollars !
The largest library in the world!
Donated construction of characteristic buildings for many universities!
A large stadium to undertake the tasks of the Olympic Games!
A theater coveted by countless architects!
There is also a flower-growing richest man who is making an impact on the world’s richest list!
Everyone is waiting for him.
Waiting for the blueprint in his mind.
Waiting for that multi-billion headquarters base.
The time has come to 14:10.
Obviously, that ‘he’ is late.
Xi Yuan was not surprised