contained’ statement is self-defeating!

contained’ statement is self-defeating!
Some relaxed leaders even planned to intervene in the dispute between Zhao Song and his disciples.
As long as Zhao Song can successfully hold off for a few days, the alliance there will definitely collapse without any attack.
Zhao Song shook his head mockingly and did not answer the invisible man’s words.
In politics? What a joke.
“Mr. Zhao.”
At this time, the door in the lounge was opened, revealing a big cover:
“Mr. Zhao, I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you, so don’t wait any longer.”
“What do you mean it’s okay? ” “Zhao Song was anxious, “I hit someone in front of the whole country. I was provoking trouble. How can I say it’s okay?”
The invisible man on the side curled his lips disdainfully: Compared with the compensation he received, the one who doesn’t care about the fans is only responsible to his superiors. Leader Yan, I absolutely hope you will beat me up more times. As for losing face, it doesn’t matter. As long as the leader remembers, people would like to lose this kind of face a few more times.
“No one reported the crime, Mr. Zhao,” Big Cap said helplessly.
Zhao Song was dissatisfied: “You can’t see it if no one reports the crime?”
The hot dance hall suddenly fell silent, and the lustful men and women in the venue stopped their legs and looked around.
“You didn’t watch TV?” Big Block pointed at the dark TV screen, “The hosts of several TV stations have just clarified that you are hosting an opening performance as a sponsor. , the referee and the chairman were all pretended to be by the stadium staff.”
“What the hell can I do?”
“It’s not just that,” Big Cap smiled bitterly, “Tomorrow the Evening News will issue an apology, admitting that the opening time of today’s 19:00 game was wrongly posted. In fact, it starts at 20:00, no matter where you start from No matter which channel you watch, the game has just begun.”
Er Mao quickly turned on the TV, watched the fierce game, and listened to the normal commentary, he was speechless.
what is this? Omni-channel control and review?
Zhao Song was also stunned on the spot and asked in a nagging voice: “Officer, which district are you from? If you are from Sunset District, please give me some face and take me back first. I will talk to your leader later and we will follow up.” ”
Big Cap raised his hands and said with a wry smile: “Mr. Zhao, please don’t embarrass me. At this moment, the phone calls in the
office are all ringing. We also want to deal with it impartially regardless of intercession, but there is no one to blame. There is no basis~”
/Zhao Song stepped forward and shook hands politely: “Thank you, you are busy.”
/“I can’t help, I’m sorry, Mr. Zhao.” He saluted with a big hat and left quickly.
Zhao Song looked at Er Mao and the Invisible Man helplessly, and suddenly asked:
“Which district is this?”
Er Mao and the two looked at each other. Even if they were born and raised in the capital, few people pay attention to the divisions and connections betw