ards of the world. The word millennium represents not only the world, but also the degree of terror.

ards of the world. The word millennium represents not only the world, but also the degree of terror.
It’s getting colder and colder, green air curls up into the sky, and the moon has completely disappeared. I felt fear in my heart for no reason, although it seemed to me that the cloth bag given by Lao Hei could protect us.
/The second hand stretched out at this time, followed by long white hair blowing in the strong wind. The rotting corpse slowly sat up, wearing old armor that looked like it was made of iron, but was seriously rusted. It has broken and fallen off in many places.
It turned its head and looked at us. It didn’t have very long corpse teeth, but this was the first time I saw a zombie with completely black teeth. One eye is blind, but the other eye is green, looking at you faintly in the dark night, revealing a terrifying light.
The cloth bag given by Lao Hei contained three things, an old wolf’s tooth, a gravestone, and a wrapped paper charm. The teeth of the old wolf represent evil, and the stone on the grave represents evil. Both of these things are in conflict with zombies. As for the wrapped paper talisman, it is said that Lao Hei obtained the talisman to restrain zombies from the exorcists in the early years. When a zombie gets close, it will smell an uncomfortable smell, and if there are two other things that conflict with it, it will avoid it.
But being able to deal with ordinary zombies does not mean that you can deal with thousand-year zombies. The surroundings were densely filled with gloom, and there was no light at all. Zhong Yong dragged me and ran behind me. If I were late, I might be killed by the thousand-year-old zombies in this darkness.
From time to time, the low roars of thousand-year-old zombies can be heard coming from the darkness. It walked slowly in the dark. The sound of heavy footsteps seems to always echo in my ears.
“Brother Yong, this thing is so vicious, how can we fix it?”
I shouted.
“Retreat to a place with lights first. Don’t fight zombies in the dark. We can’t see it, but it can see us.”
Zhong Yong has much better experience in this area than me.
The two of us were not far from the house behind, and it was only a short walk away. But the surrounding light was too dark, and we couldn’t find our walking direction in the dark for a while. It seems to be getting further and further away. At this moment, there seemed to be movement on the right side behind me. I heard a low roar, and then something jumped out from behind. He grabbed Zhong Yong’s arm and pulled it back.
“Brother Yong!”
I shouted and was about to step forward to help, but something happened to me. A figure next to me jumped up and landed next to me. He opened his mouth and wanted to bite my neck. Fortunately, I ducked to the side. The zombie probably felt the restraining effect of the bag on my body and screamed strangely again. Fleeed back into the darkness.
I killed two zombies before, but I didn’t expect that the remaining ones would hide in the dark and sneak up