human beings as an adult live for more than 900 years and have rich experiences that ordinary people can compare to?

human beings as an adult live for more than 900 years and have rich experiences that ordinary people can compare to?
“Born in the flames, it seems that you are right in controlling the flames. The ancient dragon in the West may really have the ability of the phoenix.” I said to the fat man.
Daoman Sanyun turned around in panic, and saw the Fiery Ancient Dragon slapping the two evil spirit shikigami in front of him away with two slaps. Daoman Sanyun hurriedly backed away and shouted at the same time: “Activate the first barrier!”
But the order was given. In the end, it had no effect. He turned back to look at Abe Shikaki, because the first barrier was arranged by the Abe family. Abe Shikaki looked at Doman Miyun from a distance, with a strange sneer on his face.
The ancient dragon, whose whole body was surrounded by strange light, kept roaring, and the light gradually turned into burning flames. From a distance, it seemed as if its entire body was burning.
The huge phantom of the ancient ancient dragon appeared behind it again, covering all areas of the barrier.
“Ouch!” Liehuo raised his head and looked at the phantom of the giant dragon, as if he was pleading for something
. Even the ancient dragon Liehuo, with a wingspan of nearly forty meters, was still like a child under the phantom of the giant dragon.
It turned to the phantom of the dragon, raised its head and roared at the phantom, like a child praying for alms. The huge dragon looked at it like a kind father. Winds from all directions were converging in the direction of the ancient dragon fire. Holding the cigarette in my mouth, I already had a premonition that something might be bad.
/This kind of creature, which has a history even longer than human beings, always has one or two life-saving tricks. I was worried that pressing the ancient dragon Fiery too tightly in an area without an enchantment might make it go crazy. Life-saving tricks and causing unnecessary damage.
But now I feel a little regretful, look at this posture. Obviously it is trying to obtain some kind of power from the ancestors of the ancient dragon clan. And that torch may be the fuse. Although I don’t know the reason, if I had known this, I should have listened to the fat man. Try your best to kill it in the forest.
The roar of the fire began to change, mixed with some sounds that I couldn’t understand and whose pronunciation was very complicated, like language that was purer than language. According to legend, both the Eastern and Western dragon clans have special languages. It is also called Dragon Language. In the West, especially during the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, there was even a legend that dragon language had very powerful magical powers. It is the key to the power of magic and alchemy.
It called something to the giant dragon phantom, and finally prostrated on the ground devoutly, in a kneeling posture.
“He actually knelt down!” Fatty said in surprise.
The phantom of the giant dragon stared at it, and the red light reflected the dark night. I remin