casually, otherwise you will get into trouble. They also said that if you don’t want to get into trouble, you can leave it to them.”

casually, otherwise you will get into trouble. They also said that if you don’t want to get into trouble, you can leave it to them.”
The fat man sneered and was about to refuse. The beating was in full swing. How could he easily let go of the evil demon in front of him who had been provocative just now? But when he turned to look at me who was meditating, the fat man started to murmur in his heart. If doing this causes more trouble, and even the pursuit of the Japanese underworld, wouldn’t it complicate an originally simple matter? The fat man who calmed down looked up and said, “Can you really handle it?”
After Xiao Dong translated, the two men nodded immediately. The fat man then let go of his hands and took a few steps back. The two men hurriedly walked into the research room and went to The evil ghost put a few talismans on his back, and then asked the fat man to let go. The fat man waved, and the smoke surrounding the evil ghost dispersed at this moment. Slowly returning to his body, the evil ghost fell to the ground as if exhausted. I didn’t get up for a long time.
“It’s so fucking useless!” The fat man cursed rudely. The evil ghost wanted to speak back, but when he finished speaking, he was afraid that the fat man would release that terrible smoke, so he could only keep his mouth shut. The two men carried the evil ghost and several ghosts out. Not long after, several more people walked in. The leader stood out because he was wearing an Onmyoji costume. The costumes of Japanese onmyojis are actually very similar to the official uniforms of officials during the Tang Dynasty. They are both long barrels and the hem looks a bit like a skirt. The overall feeling is very bloated and even a bit bloated. Among the group of people, only the leader was wearing this suit. The base was black, and the shoulder straps on both shoulders were white. He was not wearing a hat, but he could vaguely see a pattern similar to a tattoo on his neck.
“Who are you?” Luo Qiong and the others felt something was wrong when they saw this situation, and immediately surrounded several Onmyoji masters. Xiao Dong hurriedly stepped forward to ask, then turned back and said: “This is the Great Yin Yang Division of Yin Yang Lao. He came here after hearing about Gu Long.”
/The fat man sneered: “I came here after hearing about Gu Long? I’m afraid I’m not safe. You have good intentions.”
“It seems that you have a deep prejudice against us.” I didn’t think about it before Xiao Dong could translate. The leading Onmyoji actually spoke Chinese directly. Although there was still a slight accent, Fatty and the others could hear it clearly. Xiaodong was also stunned and said: “Can you speak Chinese?”
“I went to China to practice Buddhism when I was young. So I can speak Chinese, but I don’t speak it very well. To introduce myself, my name is Daoman Sanyun. He works in the Onmyo Lao.” He looks like he is about sixty years old. An Onmyoji at this age is not very old, but the position of the Great Onmyoji is not low in the Onmyo Lao. The service