ggered up to me, looked at me silently at first, and then laughed stupidly.

ggered up to me, looked at me silently at first, and then laughed stupidly.
“Are you Professor Shen Liangye?”
I have to say that Huangtian has paid off. After suffering so much, I finally met Shen Liangye. However, under such circumstances, whether I could take him out was still a question.
“Haha, haha”
He just shook his head, looking a little abnormal.
Aren’t you crazy? I was suddenly shocked, and I waved my hand in front of Professor Shen Liangye, but he didn’t respond. He looked like a child and grabbed my arm as if he was playing a game with me.
“Professor. I’m here to save you. My surname is Ba. Are you okay? Hello, hello.”
/I patted his shoulder. But he suddenly put down his backpack, took out a military water bottle from it, and handed it to me with a smile as if he wanted me to drink water.
“Oh, thank you.”
I took it and took a swig. I have never felt that water is so precious. I don’t necessarily have luck to transport water. Water like that is useless when it enters the body. Once it enters the body, it becomes peaceful.
He took out two more bags of biscuits. It was compressed and was also provided by the army. It was handed to me with the intention of letting me eat it. I scratched my head. Although this professor was crazy, he still seemed to have some common sense. If he knew he was going to give me food and drink, he would still be conscious. I tried to communicate with him and said, “Professor, did you hear what I just said? I’m here to rescue you. It’s wrong for you to follow me. You know Is there a way out from here?”
He was startled, stood up and stared at me as if in a daze. After a long time, he suddenly turned around and ran away. I was startled. I didn’t react until he ran away and immediately chased after me. Unexpectedly, this professor seemed to be running very fast despite his age. I chased him in the dark, but he seemed to be very familiar with the terrain here. In the dark Still no slowdown.
“Professor, don’t run, I’m here to save you.”
I kept shouting, but it was of no use. The professor in front ran faster and faster. In desperation, I stretched out my hand and pressed the wall, and my whole body suddenly slid out. My palm drew a breath on the wall, and the road under the professor’s feet suddenly bounced up. Unexpectedly, the professor reacted like a young man, a He turned over and crossed the raised land, then ran wildly.
“Professor, stop running!”
I chased all the way, and just when my strength was about to run out, Professor Shen in front stopped and waved at me, as if he was going to take me somewhere.
“Where is this?”
I asked as I walked forward, but the light in my eyes became brighter and brighter. Those lights kept piercing into my eyes, like vast stars blooming.
“This is”
“Stop talking so useless, I haven’t answered what I asked you. “Where’s me!”
I shouted, and the Earth God said hurriedly: “A few days ago, after these people left, they probably went into the mountains. The village suddenly became uneasy. Some monsters in the mountains wer