untain shining with purple light on the border of Yunzhou, there are ten human heads piled up, and there is a god next to each head.

untain shining with purple light on the border of Yunzhou, there are ten human heads piled up, and there is a god next to each head.
“Just these people? The Dayu royal family only sent ten true monarchs to stop you?”
On the top of Tianwu Mountain, Ao Yun’s eyes drifted past the steaming heads, and then looked at the first person who was about to complete the Conferred God Cloud Platform. Zhou Jijun, who was on the first floor, asked with a puzzled tone.
“Well, half an hour has passed, and there is no sign of the gods coming again. It seems that she has fallen into the trap.”
Zhou Jijun took a deep breath, and after finishing the first level of the cloud platform, he felt a little sleepy, and said three times Although the power can operate, it is obviously not as smooth as before.
“If this nine-layer cloud platform is refined, I am afraid that all my power will be exhausted, but I don’t know how many days it will take to make up for it… Qian Ruoxi and Luo Jishang both know this shortcoming. How could they miss this great opportunity to kill me…”
Zhou Jijun murmured in a low voice before hearing Ao Yun ask.
“Who fell into the trap? Could it be that you also have a plan in the capital?”
“It’s not a plan, it’s just…”
/Zhou Jijun suddenly turned around and looked to the southeast, with his silver hair flying, the corners of his mouth raised. A faint arc.
In the eastern suburbs of the capital, in a dense forest covered with thorns and barbs, a young man in white sat cross-legged on a stone half a man’s height, with mist floating in front of him. It was like a gauze curtain separating him from Qian Ruoxi and others into two worlds. The sound of footsteps and curses echoed endlessly. The young man in white was clearly right in front of them, but they could never see him.
“What a boring trick.” The young man in white frowned, and picked up his clothes and looked at them out of boredom. After a while, he shook his head in disgust, “Wearing white clothes all day long, like a girl. After so many years, I still feel the same. I can’t get rid of this bad habit, Xiaojunjun…”
The fog suddenly thickened, covering the cursing young man, and dissipated after a snap of his fingers.
A man wearing a green coir raincoat and a green bamboo hat, with a bamboo leaf in his mouth, sat sloppily on the stone. The moonlight brushed over his cheek, which was as gloomy as ever, and his expression could not be seen clearly. Four years have passed, and he still seems to be the same, unchanged, or maybe because he is always changing, no one can notice his changes at all.
/After four years, the ever-changing Rakshasa finally returned to Qizhou from a distant island country, but he appeared in the eastern suburbs of the capital very strangely.
“You just came back and asked me to cooperate with you in this game. Tsk tsk, but I have become a chess piece in your game.”
Yue Luosha touched his chin and said in a sinister manner. A red shadow flashed and a small leather whip emerged from the left side. , threw i