flakes, you can still see the dark green soil below, exuding a strong sense of filth.

flakes, you can still see the dark green soil below, exuding a strong sense of filth.
Apart from these, the most important thing is the herd of snow-white cattle slowly passing by on the snow.
These herds only exist in real interiors.
They look dirty, not much different from regular bison. The only difference is that the flesh on their bodies has begun to rot.
Some bison even have dry black holes in their eye sockets. The fur on his body has also lost its luster.
Their whole bodies slowly exude a faint gray air.
This gray gas formed a huge fuzzy strange face in the air more than ten meters above the cattle.
The strange face was twisted and wailing, silently releasing sound waves that made people restless.
Although Wei He did not have supersensory hearing, he could not hear any sounds.
/But his left hand is super-tactile and can slightly feel the vibration of sound waves.
That’s why he could tell that the strange face was making a sound.
After resting for a while and looking at the cattle gradually disappearing, he took out the map and looked at it.
“How far is it?”
Zhou Muqing quickly looked at the map.
“We’ll be there in a little while. We’re already nearby. You must be careful.”
“Yes. I plan to approach quietly first without alerting the other party, and then check the situation.” Wei He replied.
“This is best. If there are many masters among them, then leave immediately. If there are few masters, we can completely eat them up.” Zhou Muqing nodded.
/After resting for a while, the two of them were on their way again.
After walking forward for about a few minutes, an irregular white lake appeared in front of them.
On the edge of the lake, a two-story pavilion building was actually built.
The surface of the pavilion was covered with thick snow powder, and under the curved and sharp eaves, there were strings of ice ridges hanging from every place.
Looking from a distance, you can faintly see lights flickering in the pavilion.
“You stay here, I’ll go take a look.” Wei He confessed, and without waiting for a reply, he suddenly rushed forward and disappeared.
Zhou Muqing felt uneasy and wanted to speak, but he had no time.
Seeing that Wei He had disappeared, she put her hand behind her back and quietly slipped a green vial from her sleeve.
The cap of the vial was opened, and a green flying insect flew out silently, and under the cover of wind and snow, it flew towards the distant pavilion.
This is the connection between her and the man from Guangci.
When she returned to report the news, she was caught by the masters of Guangci Cult. In order to survive, to break through herself and gain longevity, she turned to the other party without hesitation.
Now, as long as she lures Wei He over and informs them in advance, most of her mission will be completed.
Soon, the flying insects flew out and left.
There was no movement in the pavilion.
A few big guys came out and looked around suspiciously, but found no movement at all, so they retreated.
Zhou Muqing waited patientl