gcong Luoluo, you two come to me.”

gcong Luoluo, you two come to me.”
/After a while, Congcongjing and Luoluo Jing trotted up, their eyes fell on the boy, they subconsciously licked their lips, and their throats rolled.
Looking at the two impatient little demons in a funny way, Zhou Jijun paused and said.
“You will…” ”
The little one will disembowel him immediately. The cauldron is ready. Just wait for the king’s order to throw him in and cook.”
Luo Luo Jing interjected happily. , Congcongjing on the side saw that he was eager to take credit, and couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed on his face, but when he thought that he would be able to eat delicious boy meat later, he swallowed his saliva and said nothing more.
“Bold, he is my king’s new disciple, how dare you talk nonsense!”
Zhou Jijun pretended to be angry. The expressions of the two little demons froze, and their faces suddenly turned extremely pale. They looked at Zhou Jijun blankly, and then made a plop. Kneel down on the ground and kowtow repeatedly.
“Your Majesty, please spare your life, Your Majesty, please spare your life…”
“They are all talking nonsense, Your Majesty, don’t eat me…”

“Okay, stop teasing them.”
/Princess Bihua glared at Zhou Jijun, forced herself to wave to the two little demons, and said.
“You guys carry him away. Don’t mention cannibalism again in the future.”
Seeing the two little demons walking towards Bukong Hall tremblingly, Zhou Jijun smiled narrowly. He was about to say something to Bihua when his eyes suddenly froze. , but heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the cave.

“The beauty is here?”
In Black Rock Mountain, a young man wearing a colorful robe lit a folding fan and squinted his eyes to look at the cave not far away.
The little demon with stern eyebrows on the side nodded and bowed.
“The silver-haired king is currently coordinating military supplies in Jilei Palace. Tsk tsk, the so-called dark and windy night is the time when a relationship is sweet. The lonely beauty is waiting for the young master.”
The little demon said in a pretentious manner. , he glanced sideways at the fat young man next to him, with a flattering look on his face, but there was a hint of imperceptible disgust in his eyes. This person is a foreign demon king, lustful and lustful. In just a few days, he has played with more than a dozen beautiful female demons in the mountains. Although we don’t know where he comes from, even King Luantian turns a blind eye to his evil deeds. With one eye closed, it was obvious that he had a very high status. I don’t know who first spread the news. The silver-haired demon king married a stunningly beautiful lady. The demon king had nothing to do. He drank and chatted and also liked to gossip about the family. It didn’t take long for the news to spread like it had wings. Open it and fall into the ears of this fat young man. The fat young man became excited when he heard this. He found out that the unknown silver-haired demon king was only in the realm of heaven and was rare