hoice but to do some calculations to see who his fellow Taoist is.”

hoice but to do some calculations to see who his fellow Taoist is.”
Xuandu said with great interest. After staying in Lihentian for more than twenty years, he studied ” “Tao Te Ching”, no matter how patient he is, he will feel bored from time to time. Unexpectedly, he met a Taoist friend recently, and Xuandu was naturally happy.
Little did he know that after saying these words, across the many restrictions, in that prison, the expression of the “fellow Taoist” he spoke of suddenly changed drastically.
Once he is allowed to figure out his identity and deeds, by then, there will be no one in the world who can cut off the sweet-scented osmanthus tree.
No, we must stop him!
Zhou Jijun had a gloomy face and paced back and forth in front of the ancient palace, the scene during Xuandu’s deductions constantly replaying in his mind.
We can’t wait any longer. If we wait any longer, by the time Xuandu reacts, what happened today will be ruined.
/The hypocrite’s moral meaning rose up, and a trace of gloom passed through Zhou Jijun’s eyes, which then dissipated. Not only did his expression return to the same as before, but he became more like a gentleman than before.
“Brother Xuandu, it’s not that I don’t want to come out to meet you, but… there are too many involved, and it will be difficult to explain for a while.”
The melodious words reached Xuandu’s ears, although he could not see them However, the Taoist meaning contained in the voice made Xuandu feel good about it. It was not the Tao Te Ching but also resembled the Tao Te Ching. In short, it was very pure and natural.
“Then can you tell Xuandu who Taoist friend is and why he is hiding in the Heaven of Lihen.”
Xuandu smiled, loosened the seal between his fingers, and asked loudly.
After waiting for a long time, Xuandu only heard a sigh coming from the ancient palace not far away. Although he could not see the true face of the “fellow Taoist”, Xuandu could vaguely see his worried expression and hesitation in speaking.
“That’s all, meeting my junior brother is an opportunity. Now, I won’t hide it anymore.”
Hearing this, Xuandu was slightly startled and subconsciously uttered the word “junior brother” with a strange look in his eyes. Color, for a long time, he pondered and asked.
“Fellow Taoists call me Junior Brother…that’s why.”
“The Tao can be Tao, but it is not Tao. It can be named, but it is not named… Thousands of years ago, the scriptures had not yet been written, but Your honorable master has realized something, and I have also found a new way to create another Taoism. Although it is close to the Tao taught by your honorable master, it is slightly different.”
The words came with a strong sense of the Taoism of a gentleman. A gentleman who is ill and has no reputation is similar to the saying in the “Tao Te Ching” that “he is born but does not have anything, does what he does but does not rely on it, and succeeds but does not live in it”. There are many such cases. Xuandu was so obsessed with the “Tao Te Ching” that he was naturally