“Young Master!”

“Young Master!”
The twelve young men with far more powerful aura than ordinary people bowed their hands towards Zhou Jijun. They were both male and female. They were all around thirteen or fourteen years old. They had different temperaments. The only thing they had in common was that Looking at Zhou Jijun, everyone looked enthusiastic.
“Four years ago, I selected more than a thousand fatherless and motherless orphans in the land of seven states, and then tried them on the Canghai coast of Yunzhou. So far, only twelve of you have not been eliminated. In the past six months, you have been here You can protect yourself and kill the enemy in an abyss full of top-level masters.
/Okay , okay, you have lived up to my expectations. From now on, you will all realize it. ..”
In the palace, only the daring Qi Ling’er dared to approach Zhou Jijun with a smile, and wrapped his arms around his neck as familiarly as if he had been a few years ago. However, the twelve young men and Li Che’er looked envious.
“Che’er.” Putting Qi Ling’er gently on his lap, Zhou Jijun looked at Li Che’er, who was blushing in the eyes of everyone, and smiled faintly, “Are you willing to become my teacher?”
Li Che’er’s body trembled and he pursed his lips. He looked at Zhou Jijun with his mouth closed, his eyes slightly red. Since coming out of the valley that day, when Zhou Jijun was healing his wounds, Li Che’er wanted to ask him to be his disciple several times, but when he met Zhou Jijun’s bottomless gaze, for some reason, the words that came to his lips were always swallowed by him in an instant. go back. Later, he took the twelve boys and girls to the world under the sword to experience, but there was no chance again. Just when Li Che’er gradually gave up on this idea, Zhou Jijun unexpectedly raised it in public.
“Big wood, what are you doing standing still? Why don’t you hurry up and become a disciple!” Qi Ling’er glared at Li Che’er, looked at his stupid look, and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
“Disciple…disciple pays homage to master.”
Under the envious eyes of the twelve young men, Li Che’er stepped forward and kowtowed nine times.
At this moment, the twelve young men and Qi Linger shivered at the same time, looking behind Zhou Jijun with wary faces.
In the dim hall at dawn, a figure walked out.
The flawless snake man walked up to Zhou Jijun. Although it was only the size of an ordinary teenager, it had an outstanding temperament, was ethereal and unfathomable. A mellow voice came from its mouth and echoed in the hall.
“Young Master, I am in charge of the mysterious way. Xuan is the foundation of all things in the world.”
After saying that, the mysterious snake man smiled faintly, and seven secret books of skills appeared in his hand.
/“Che’er is gifted with extraordinary talent and has an upright temperament, which makes him an excellent material for practicing martial arts. This “Xuanwu Nerve” is what made me famous all over the world when I was young. It contains eighteen martial arts, each of which is