turning into a fiery red urn made of red copper.

turning into a fiery red urn made of red copper.
There is also a layer of spiritual light blooming from within.
“A broken spiritual treasure?”
Zhang Jianyang glanced at it with his spiritual consciousness, and there was something strange in his eyes. He glanced at Zhang Changan.
This blessing really left him speechless.
Zhang Jian incorporated a little of Yang Shen’s magic power into it. After a moment, his brows jumped, and he saw a red light emerge from the fiery red urn, and a mysterious basic magic formula also emerged.
That is a high-level inheritance item.
He does know the origin!
“Qian Ling Huo Xuan Jing, this is not the fire attribute foundation building method passed down by the Five Elements Immortal Sect!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated.
His daughter seems to be very blessed.
The city of Haojing is so big that there are indeed some treasures, but most of them have fallen into the hands of Dongshen Temple. There are only a few valuable artifacts left behind, but they fell into the hands of Zhang Changan, and there were two of them.
How can this be explained by ordinary good luck?
At the same time, Zhang Jianyang’s divine consciousness enveloped the small urn, and he slightly understood the mystery of this broken spiritual treasure. He also controlled it.
The name of this object is changed to Vulcan Urn, and it is a golden-level spiritual treasure.
Although the Golden Body Level Spiritual Treasure is the lowest level of Spiritual Treasure, it is also extremely powerful.
It can refine all kinds of elixirs and has the ability to purify the purity of spiritual objects!
This auxiliary ability is very precious!
It also has extremely strong refining ability!
It should be left behind after the death of a certain master of the Five Elements Immortal Sect.
Zhang Jian lamented that he spent a lot of effort to get a good fortune-level spiritual treasure.
Zhang Changan took a trip to the river and picked up one.
Although it is broken.
Let her walk outside a little longer, that’ll be fine!
/Zhang Jian looked thoughtful.
At the same time, he picked up the magical cultivation methods of the two major sects.
Zhang Changan can actually choose one as a foundation building method.
But the Five Elements Immortal Sect definitely cannot be chosen now.
At this sensitive time, if he asked Zhang Changan to choose the Five Elements Immortal Sect’s foundation-building method, wouldn’t it mean that he had some kind of involvement with the Five Elements Immortal Sect.
It’s hard to explain this kind of thing.
There is no need to cause such trouble.
Zhang Jian decided to inquire about it.
In fact, he has another choice. He can choose to send Zhang Changan into the Tongshan Taoist Tradition.
/However, Zhang Yi had already entered the Tongshan Taoist tradition, and Zhang Jian thought there was no need to send Zhang Changan in again.
What the Zhang family needs in the future is broad influence.
It is enough for Tongshan Daotong to have him and Zhang Yi.
You don’t have to p