it’s not tens of feet big.

it’s not tens of feet big.
Zhang Jian would not be able to explain this unless he was born with a powerful soul.
The speed of accumulation of spiritual power depends on the innate purity of the body and the purity of the spiritual roots. Although he has never taken the initiative to measure his physical fitness, Zhang Jian can be sure that he must have some talent in this area.
These talents can reduce some hard work.
We won’t have to spend decades or hundreds of years at this stage.
When a cultivator reaches the stage of spiritual cultivation, his longevity can indeed gradually reach his own limit, which is nearly two hundred years.
But affording it is one thing. It would be better if there was less of a grinding process.
In his spare time, Zhang Jian remembered another thing. He asked several veterans under his command to buy pens, inks, paper and inkstones.
/After a while, a graceful figure gradually appeared on the paper, holding a stone mirror in his hand.
This is exactly the figure of the “ancestor” in the ancestral hall.
After being out for a while, Zhang Jian already missed the ‘female ancestor’ in the clan ancestral hall.
Feeling regretful that he might not be able to worship his ancestors when traveling far away, Zhang Jian wondered if he could change one of the methods, such as copying the portrait of his ancestor and then ‘remotely worshiping his ancestors’?
He didn’t know if it would work, but decided to give it a try.
After the entire portrait was traced, Zhang Jian asked Xiao Xie to hang it in the room to dry while waiting for the gold ingot to be bought and tried to be sacrificed.
/Then Zhang Jian stepped out of his residence in the faint morning light.
At this time, the Qi family became more and more lively. As the birthday of his grandfather was approaching, there was an endless stream of guests coming from other places, and Zhang Yi and Zhang Qi were also on their way.
There is also a pair of brothers and sisters.
He raised his head. Although it was early in the morning, the scorching sun was already showing signs of it.
The severe drought in Fengyang County and several surrounding counties continues.
Only the Suolong Dam around Fengyang County has water storage, and it is becoming more and more prosperous.
Zhang Jian did not go out. During this time, there were more and more refugees outside. Even if the county guard specially sent additional patrols, the outside became more and more chaotic.
Unknowingly, Zhang Jian came to the flower garden again.
The two water hibiscus plants were in the sun, greedily collecting the pure sunshine under the sun to nourish themselves.
Zhang Jian looked at a water well next to him. The ball of spiritual consciousness in his mind was beating, but he heard the heated discussion between two voices again.
A smile appeared in his eyes, and he simply sat in the pavilion next to the well and openly ‘listened in’!
At first, the two men were just complaining or chatting about the gossip of various palaces in the city, but one