would definitely take out the delicacies from other worlds that he has collected to pay tribute. To Lin Yun.

would definitely take out the delicacies from other worlds that he has collected to pay tribute. To Lin Yun.
/However, although there was no way to eat it, Geoconi still contributed a new cloak, which was made from the softest and toughest second layer of belly skin of a special half-undead, half-dark creature from the undead plane.
The surface is covered with dense golden patterns, and coupled with the blood-colored cloak, it looks very gorgeous, definitely much better than the broken cloak behind Lin Yun.
Since becoming the Skeleton King, Lin Yun has completely understood why the Skeleton King’s cloak is always in tatters. A cloak that is corroded by the power of death is basically difficult to make in the plane of the undead. It would be nice to have a cloak.
/The cloak contributed by Gioconi is something that can resist the erosion of the power of death. It is difficult to make in the plane of the undead. It’s very rare, so congratulations.
“Lord Bodi, this cloak was made by Lord Bloody Lich himself. You should know that Lord Bloody Lich’s things rarely come out. I spent a lot of effort to get this cloak. ”
“Bloody Lich? Tell me, has this guy done anything recently?”
The cart was pulled by eighteen heaven-level gargoyles, which were fast and very stable. Lin Yun was sitting on the animal skin mat, listening to Gioconi boasting about how good his things were, when he suddenly heard the name of the bloody lich.
Gioconi was stunned for a moment, unable to hear Lin Yun’s happiness or anger. It was like a sudden curiosity. However, he made up his mind to stay calm before arriving at his father Giovanni’s territory and meeting his father. With humility, he would accept whatever Lin Yun said.
Moody is the talent of the undead. One wrong word can start a war that can last for hundreds of years. Only the undead can do it.
“Lord Bloody Lich? He has been silent for many years. It is said that he has been studying in Silent Hill. What, you know, those lichs always like to do some inexplicable things, and they won’t appear for a long time.
This time, for some reason, Lord Bloody Lich personally walked out of his bunker, no. I know what I want to do. I heard from my father that very early on, Lord Bloody Lich seemed to have started a war between the undead and dark creatures. In less than a hundred years, he completely destroyed seventeen large Territory, the legendary King of the Undead finally appeared in person
to end the war. The relationship between us vampires and Lord Bloody Lich was very bad. I heard from my father that at that time, Lord Bloody Lich. In order to study something, an ancestor was captured. Later, I heard that the ancestor was dead. No one knew, but my father said that he could no longer feel the breath of that ancestor.
Some time ago, no. Somehow, one of the ancestors has died. It’s been really chaotic lately.”
Gioconi kept talking about what he knew, while Lin Yun didn’t speak and listened quietly.
The Bloody Lich walked out of his territory, Silent Hill. This surprised Li