the spaceships are engraved with mountain-shaped patterns.

the spaceships are engraved with mountain-shaped patterns.
A large number of spaceships quickly fought against many Star Empire troops ambushed below.
White laser cannons rained down like raindrops.
The yellow anti-aircraft guns and torpedo-like anti-air missiles below also rushed towards the sky in dense numbers.
/The ground outside Yongxing City.
Lin Xin grabbed Ansar’s head with one hand and smashed it to the ground.
Amidst the huge roar, a huge crater with a diameter of more than ten meters exploded directly under the two of them.
Ansar roared angrily, his whole body covered in silver metal with spikes, and he tried to struggle away from the bottom of the pit like a hedgehog.
Puff puff! !
The silver spikes on his body kept piercing Lin Xin’s body like cannonballs, but to no avail.
“Are you the only one who is the Destroyer?” Lin Xin did not kill him, but grabbed his neck with one hand and lifted him up.
“How could you!?”
The information Ansar received was completely inconsistent with the current situation.
What he got was that the opponent was only a Destroyer, but had some means of mass destruction, so he was able to erupt in horrific damage at the Crystal Plating Peak, killing all the thousands of soldiers and civilians present.
But what happened now was completely beyond his expectation.
The opponent is too strong! !
The colonial force field all over his body has impacted five times with full force, but every time it impacts the opponent, it is like rushing into a bottomless abyss, without any movement.
“Just a pawn for testing?” Lin Xin read his superficial thoughts and immediately lost interest in him.
“I originally planned to have fun, but unfortunately you broke the rules, so I decided not to play.”
Ansar’s neck twisted into a strange shape.
His legs, which had been struggling, gradually hung down weakly.
The Destruction Envoy is indeed very strong, but it is equivalent to the Golden Core Monk in the Black Universe. It’s not even as versatile as the Golden Core cultivators.
In the world of technology, golden elixir monks are indeed very powerful when combined with technology, but to Lin Xin, they are not even dust.
“It’s really boring to reveal the trump card so quickly. Can’t you let me play more?”
/The breeding equipment used at the level of the destroyer is not that bad no matter how bad it is.
Black light flashed.
The Ansar in front of him disappeared directly. As for where he went, it was naturally into Lin Xin’s belly.
“It seems that it’s time to take action. After living a peaceful life for so long,”
Lin Xin looked around. Gao Shan and the original energy users he controlled, with the gathered armed forces, were methodically encircling and suppressing all the surrounding star empire armies.
In fact, Lin Xin already knew the other party’s arrangements long before the other party secretly mobilized troops.
Although his huge mental power did not scan the planet unscrupulously, it still firmly covered the entire Yongxing City an