ience in the Red Mansion, I can leave it to you this time. However, I hope you will be as cautious as possible.”

He continued, “You have definitely been targeted now. If you are not careful, you may be surrounded by the Red Mansion Star Tribulation Hall.”
/He ignored it and just waited quietly.
“I understand.” Nan Shunqing nodded, “By the way, Master, third brother’s matter, I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time.”
“You mean Zhen’er?” Lin Xin’s frown deepened.
“Yes.” Nan Shunqing said sternly, “I have tried to persuade him several times, but to no avail. To put it bluntly, I have been to the Red Mansion and met many so-called witches, demons, and servants. The rocking beads are now It gives me the same feeling as the demon spirit over there.”
When Lin Xin heard this, he already felt the seriousness of the problem. Reminiscent of when he saw Hua Yaozhu just now, her sudden dash of movement and attack posture seemed to be very similar to that of the witch in the Red Mansion.
“I will check this matter.” Liu Yang said sternly, “No need to trouble Master Qing.”
“Brother Yang, thank you for your hard work.” Nan Shunqing handed over his hand.
“It’s part of the job.”
“Then can you talk about the specific mission? I’ll see if there is any conflict with my time.” Nan Shunqing smiled, as if the assassination mission was just a trivial matter.
“There won’t be a time conflict, but Master Qing, do you have any other important matters?” Liu Yang asked curiously.
Lin Xin also looked at him with a little curiosity.
“I came here mainly to ask Master for instructions on this matter.” Nan Shunqing also nodded.
“Ask for instructions? You tell me.” Lin Xin looked at him and said.
“The four sect alliances have gathered experts to try to kill the insect mother. Almost all the experts around have been transferred. I am a casual cultivator and I also received the invitation.” Nan Shunqing looked slightly excited.
“Do you want to go?” Lin Xin also heard about this crusade against the Insect Mother. All four masters came out, but there was still a master from Tianyundao who led the team.
“Yes, I want to go too!” Nan Shunqing said seriously, “In a person’s life, participating in such magnificent events is the meaning of my life! Since I was born, I, Nan Shunqing, have been practicing martial arts and cultivating magic weapons. , If I can’t leap my horse and whip my whip in front of the world, wouldn’t it be that all my hard work has been in vain?”
Lin Xin understood Nan Shunqing’s thoughts. He had experienced a lot of himself. After hard work, he was When he is high-spirited and riding fast, walking at night in brocade clothes will dampen his spirit.
“You want to go, but do you know how scary the Insect Mother is? You are the most talented and most promising disciple of my Villa, or even my Yuefu Realm, to break through to the top level. If something goes wrong,” he was still a little worried. .
“The eagle always leaves the nest and spreads its wings.” Nan Shunqing was not afraid. “Master.” He lowered his he