nd ordinary people!” Chen Feiyang was not defeated, but got up, stared at the four giant pythons angrily, and got down.

nd ordinary people!” Chen Feiyang was not defeated, but got up, stared at the four giant pythons angrily, and got down.
He knew that the master must be watching him and waiting for him by the pit.
This is a test, a test of your own courage.
Lin Xin left him behind and bought a cold drink and a bag of chips, then found a shady place to rest.
After two hours passed, he estimated that the time was almost up. Then he slowly returned to the python pit and looked down.
“This kid is indeed alive!”
Lin Xin was startled when he saw the scene in the pit.
He was planning to contact the funeral parlor directly if this kid died and drag him out for cremation to see if he could force out a trace of his breath.
But now
Chen Feiyang is lying on the ground motionless, pretending to be dead, while four giant pythons are lazily resting not far away and vomiting messages.
“You can’t force that thing out like this, it seems like this.”
Lin Xin narrowed his eyes, took Chen Feiyang out and ran to another place in the suburbs.
Chen Feiyang lay on his back on the metal conveyor belt, looking at the huge cutting wheel in front of his head.
The high-speed rotating cutting wheel cuts anything close to it at thousands of revolutions per second.
The loud whining sound made his whole body numb, and he could hardly even think.
/Lin Xin stood next to him, touching his chin in deep thought.
“As long as you can break free from the corset before the cutting wheel touches you, it means that your escape ability has been greatly improved.”
Lin Xin said solemnly.
“I understand, master, this is also a test of my ability. I won’t let you down!”
Chen Feiyang’s face was pale, but he still tried hard to guarantee.
“I believe in you, go ahead, you can definitely do it.” Lin Xin forced out a kind smile that he didn’t even believe and said to him.
“Yes! Master!” Chen Feiyang shouted excitedly, as if to embolden himself.
His body was densely tied with dozens of old cow hides that had been beaten repeatedly and secretly prepared. Even an African elephant would burp when it was tied up.
Let alone a person.
From head to toe, there was no place that was not tied up.
As the conveyor belt slowly moves towards the cutting wheel.
Chen Feiyang’s expression also became firmer.
He began to twist and struggle.
His body began to sweat profusely, and his clothes kept pulling apart under the twisting force, revealing the smooth flesh underneath.
Lin Xin felt that he should not continue to watch it, as it would have a bad impact.
So he turned around and went to the computer room of the factory, got a glass of water, sat down and read the newspaper to see what the latest city news was.
When it was almost done, he walked towards the cutting wheel.
“Teacher! I succeeded!”
There was a naked human body paralyzed on the ground. Chen Feiyang was obviously exhausted, and his hands were covering his key parts.
Lin Xin looked at him with a calm expression.
“Here, I poured you a glass of water. I knew you could do i