looked at the ring.

looked at the ring.
The surface of the black ring was slightly cracked, revealing a fine gravel material with purple and silver light spots inside.
“That’s it.”
/Lin Xin dispersed the white light, which was the purifying power of his own blood.
The mental power probed directly towards the ring.
This time there was no obstacle, and his consciousness instantly penetrated.
Inside the ring is a space the size of a bedroom, surrounded by dark walls. There are many jade slips and books placed next to the wall.
There are two wooden shelves in the center, and two weapons are inserted on a black shelf, one sword and one sword.
On another white shelf were some scattered medicine bottles and elixir bottles.
Lin’s new consciousness moved towards the weapons rack.
Each sword was red and white, and seemed to be a pair, exuding a faint aura.
“The level is not high, that is, the strength of the golden elixir monk. The design looks very young. It should be a gift for the younger generation.”
Lin Xin looked at it briefly and moved away, his consciousness moving closer to the elixir bottle.
There are three elixir bottles placed on the white shelf.
They read “Tongmai Dan”, “Marrow Sealing Dan” and “Ten Thousand Flowers Heavenly Liquid” respectively.
There is no purpose and no other records, but as a portable elixir for human immortals, it is definitely not that simple.
Ignore them for now. Lin’s new consciousness drifted towards the bookshelf against the wall.
The jade slips above are all props for recording information, and there are also some books with a faint aura.
Lin Xin roughly scanned it. This human immortal was very cautious and did not carry any secret books or the like at any time. Most of the books and jade slips here introduced the local customs and customs, various novels, historical records and other miscellaneous books. The largest number of them were, Or a jade slip recording the sermon of an unknown monk.
Lin Xin saw dozens of jade slips in succession, all of which were the sermon records of one person.
He suddenly realized and took out a piece.
/His hand suddenly felt cold, Lin Xin withdrew from the ring, looked down and saw that there was an emerald green jade slip in his hand.
Gently inject a hint of thunder.
The jade slip suddenly glowed slightly with green light, and suddenly shot out a green light curtain, which appeared in the air one meter in front of Lin Xin.
The light curtain formed a circle, and the image inside was distorted, slowly turning into a page filled with densely written words.
“Oh? Is this an ancient spiritual text?” Lin Xin was slightly startled. After being in the human world for so long, he had gained a lot. At least he was familiar with several languages ????that could be learned here.
Ancient Lingwen is an ancient written language that is commonly used in most areas of the human world.
Although it is not used much now, there are still knowledgeable people who know about it.
He recalled the structural system of the ancient spiritual texts a