plete white wings rushed out from behind Lin Xin.

plete white wings rushed out from behind Lin Xin.
A burst of terrifying fluctuations centered on him and spread crazily in all directions.
In the roar, the house shattered and turned into powder in an instant.
The ground is broken. Numerous deep cracks were made.
The cracks spread rapidly and quickly reached the edge of the barrier. With a click, countless cracks even opened in the entire Lin family’s clan barrier.
The fluctuations were hemispherical, centered directly on Lin Xin Xiaoyuan, and spread in all directions.
Viewed from a high altitude, it looks like a rapidly expanding transparent soap bubble.
In all areas, the guards and maids who came into contact with the wave suddenly became stiff and motionless, as if they were completely frozen.
Chi! Chi Chi Chi! !
After several soft sounds in succession, the second pair of wings shot out from Lin Xin’s back.
The third pair, the fourth pair, the fifth pair!
The dense and slender wings are stacked together like the finest velvet, emitting a faint white light.
Terror spread out from Lin Xin’s body like substantial power. This power gathered together to form countless white petals glowing with white light and falling from the sky.
/A slightly crooked, twisted horn slowly grew from his forehead and pierced upward.
The five pairs of wings spread out slightly, and a violent and terrifying white light shot into the sky from Lin Xin’s body.
The sky was covered with thunderclouds, and suddenly, a thick thunder light fell from the sky, hitting Lin Xin’s position hard, and directly connected with the white light.
The entire world seems to be connected into one, with a huge light pillar tens of meters thick standing up.
When Lin Xin opened his eyes, there was only a white light in his eyes.
In a room somewhere underground.
A dark golden baby covered in needlework slowly opened its eyes.
“Is this?”
There was a trace of surprise and doubt in his eyes.
He opened his little hand, and an invisible aura suddenly spread from his palm.
A small and exquisite model outline suddenly appeared in his palm, and the entire Lin family’s boundary area, including the attic, completely appeared in his palm.
Similarly, the wave of destruction produced by Lin Xin’s explosion was also simultaneously released from his palm.
“This is the fifth-level Star-Winging Clan? How could a fifth-level Star-Winging Clan appear in a place like this?” He had a look of surprise on his face.
At the same time, he raised his hand.
Immediately invisible power was transmitted.
All the destroyed buildings, land, trees and grass, and even the lost maids and guards were quickly restored to their original state.
“Is it the blood of the Lin family?”
He looked at the miniature version of the attic terrain in his hand and narrowed his eyes.
“No, they only have a little bit of the blood of the Lock and Key clan. The Lock and Key clan is just a thin branch of the Yongxing clan. It is impossible to reach this level if they are far apart. So who is it?”
This was